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Brazil: Workers Don't Need the World Cup! Workers Need Communist Revolution!

It started as a protest against a 9-cent transportation fare hike. Within days, 2 million Brazilians were out in the streets protesting the billions the government is squandering to host the Soccer World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Summer Olympics.
The protests spread to 80 cities, many of which were shut down. In Brasilia, the capital, tens of thousands of demonstrators almost took over the Foreign Ministry. The fury of the masses against capitalism is ever more evident. The word bourgeoisie (ruling class) is now frequently heard among protesters. The protesters changed The official slogan of Brazil's 2014 World Cup to "United in one rhythm… without the rich."

Brazil's Wealth Built by Chattel Slaves and Modern Wage Slaves

Brazil was mainly built with the labor of 4.7 million slaves wrenched from Africa. Today the racist super-exploitation of their descendants continues to produce billions for Brazilian and international capitalists, mainly German, US, and now increasingly Chinese.
Although chattel slavery was officially replaced by capitalism's wage slavery in 1888, the horrors of racism are alive and well in Brazil. Blacks, who are over 51% of its population of 200 million, are paid less than half what white workers get.
To build the stadiums and related infrastructure, the Brazilian rulers evicted over 250,000 families, mostly blacks living in horrific favelas, very much like the shantytowns of South Africa. Police with heavy weapons, attack dogs and helicopters surrounded the workers' homes and bulldozed them over night.
No reform movement can ever put an end to the centuries of racist terror and super-exploitation of Brazil's black and indigenous workers.

Communism is the only alternative
Under communism there will be no capitalists to steal what we produce.  There will be no money or wage slavery that needs and breeds racism. Collectively we will plan, produce and distribute everything according to need. We will destroy the capitalists' educational system that teaches and perpetuates racism, sexism, anti-communism and other poisonous ideologies.
The International Communist Workers Party (ICWP) is organizing workers to seize state power through a communist revolution. We must not be fooled by trade unions or political parties which channel our anger and aspirations into electoral politics. These only tighten the chains of wage slavery around our necks.
Red Flag, our communist newspaper, is the best ideological weapon we have to propagate these ideas and organize the working class. We must expand its networks relying on the creativity of the masses.
When over 1200 garment workers in Bangladesh were buried alive, our friends in Brazil distributed our literature in the true spirit of international solidarity. We invite them and all the readers to join and help build a mass ICWP by massively distributing Red Flag.
These rebellions show the great potential for communist revolution and the futility of trying to reform capitalism. We must take these lessons to all workers, especially to transit, aerospace and other industrial workers and soldiers.

These Sectors: Key for Communist Revolution
When the masses are in motion, key sectors of the working class can be mobilized for revolution. The unrest has now spread to the industrial working class and favelas where the most oppressed workers live.
Transit workers of Fortaleza are on strike, leading 50,000 others to fight a pitched battle with police. In Belo Horizonte, rail transportation workers are on strike, disrupting highways. Transit workers joined the demonstrations in the city where the world's third largest civilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, is located.
Embraer workers joined the demonstrations for the first time last week. The unrest has spread to the key mining and oil districts. These are not the typical demonstrations demanding basic reforms. They echo the millions that have struck and fought the ravages of capitalism the world over in recent years.
They show that millions worldwide will no longer be the passive victims of capitalism's crisis. Each of these mobilizations teaches us more, but the key lesson is that if we want to change history, we must mobilize the masses for communism. We must learn from our past that nothing less will do!

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