Charlottesville Shows the Urgent Need and Great Potential for Communist Revolution

The mobilization of racists and the fascist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia show that we need communist revolution to crush racism. The mass ant-racist, anti-fascist outpouring shows the potential and possibility of organizing such a revolution.

Our goal must be clear. We don’t want to fight back to keep the capitalists’ DEMOCRACY. Their democracy is still their dictatorship over our class. Capitalism needs racism and racist terror. It needs it to exploit and divide the working class, to pit us against each other to try to prevent us from organizing to smash their system forever with a communist revolution.

Communism will eliminate the material basis of racism by eliminating capitalism and its exploitation of workers. Communism will unite the workers of the world, not divide us! We will all collectively produce only to meet human needs. Communism will build a world without money, racism, sexism, xenophobia or borders.

The liberal media is criticizing Trump for not condemning the racists. We need to CRUSH racism, not resist it. We need to crush the racists and the capitalist state that breeds and trains them. As long as capitalism is in power, racist attacks like what happened in Virginia, racist police terror and deportations are inevitable, and will worsen as the US bosses sink deeper into crisis and wage bigger and more genocidal wars, including world war.

The liberal imperialists say they are against Trump’s racism, but their aim is to win masses of black, latino, asian and white youth and workers to serve patriotically in their army in their coming wars and to slave loyally in their factories for lower and lower wages. They are Nazis and KKKers in three-piece suits.

That’s why we need an armed revolution—led and organized by masses of communist workers, youth and soldiers—to crush the racist bosses’ state along with their fascist gangs. We need to build communist workers’ power and a communist society. In communism, if a racist or group of racists tries to spread their racist filth, we will empty out the production centers, military barracks and neighborhoods to crush the racists.

Our urgent need is to build a mass party of millions to lead millions more world wide to organize in the factories, schools, and the military for communist revolution. We must prepare ourselves and our friends to take on the racists wherever they show up, as the brave anti-racist demonstrators did in Virginia. But our aim in every action and conversation must be to mobilize for revolution and communism. Join us! Read and spread Red Flag newspaper and join ICWP!

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