Earthquakes and Hurricanes: Capitalist Tragedies

Communism Will Create a Safe World

The hundreds of thousands, who, as in 1985, went out immediately, even risking their own lives, to rescue people in the earthquakes in Mexico, show that we can build a communist world based on collectivity and working class solidarity.

Hurricanes, earthquakes and torrential rains are natural phenomena with which humanity has lived since the beginning of its existence.

The enormous destruction, the massive misery and unnecessary deaths that these phenomena leave in their path are not natural.

Nor is it natural that those who suffer the most always are the working class and the impoverished masses.

All this is a product of capitalism. So also is climate change, the cause of the frequency and intensification of the magnitude and fury of the hurricanes lashing the Caribbean areas, Florida, Texas, India, and West Africa.

The poor cannot buy or build houses that resist the onslaught of these phenomena. The capitalists can because they have an excess of what, under capitalism, is indispensible to get what we need: money.

But it does not have to be like this. It is a lie that there have always been and will always be rich and poor. Humanity lived for more than 80 thousand years in a communist system, called pre-class communism. They lived without money and exploitation.

With the discovery of agriculture and the domestication of animals, humanity was capable of producing consistently more than a person needed to survive daily. This laid the basis for the exploitation of one human being by another.

Society was divided into exploited and exploiters: slaves and slave masters, serfs and nobles, and now workers and capitalists. Just as the slaves and the serfs destroyed their exploiting societies, the working class has to destroy the capitalist system and return to the communist system from which we came, now at a higher level.

This will be a scientific, conscious communism because we will have science and technology on our side. We will destroy money and capitalist wage slavery. Collectively we will plan what to produce, how and where to produce it, and how to distribute it according to the need of each one. Nothing will be bought or sold.

Only then can we build the best housing for everyone. What do we need for this? Natural resources—like cement and steel—and our labor. All of this exists in abundance, so everyone in the world can have homes, buildings, bridges, and dams capable of resisting any natural phenomenon.

We will collectively decide where and how to build our cities. The slave masters, nobles and capitalists built their cities where it was most beneficial to them, not for the exploited masses. For example, Mexico City was built over a lake bed which intensifies by one hundred times the force of any earthquake that hits it.

Global warming is mainly due to deforestation and emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas, from the consumption of coal, oil, and natural gas. In communism, billions of us can be mobilized to reforest the world and prevent the destruction of forests and jungles. We will develop safer energy. Building the best mass transportation, we will eliminate the hundreds of millions of cars that bring profits for the capitalists but destruction for the environment.

Our communist society will value human life above all else. Housing, food, health care and learning will be based on this principle. There will be no privileges for anyone—everyone, including leaders, will do manual and mental work. No one will be the boss of anyone.

This system will not fall from the sky. We need a communist revolution to destroy the capitalists and their exploitative system. For this we need to mobilize the masses for communism.

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