International ICWP Meeting in Mexico

“The Struggle for Communism is Daily and Collective”

MEXICO, January 2018—Recently we had an international meeting with workers from El Salvador, the US, and Mexico. We discussed the political line of ICWP and the work that we are developing in the different areas.

The meeting began with a report of the international situation by a comrade. This was enriched by other participants who focused on the fact that we must primarily develop communism among the masses rather than describe the evils of capitalism. The workers from different parts of the world are marching; the ideological struggle among the masses is sharpening.. There are armed racists in the streets and at the same time, workers demonstrating against them.

We discussed how production and distribution of food would be carried out in a communist society. We said that instead of capitalist schools, centers of production would be places of teaching ad learning. We also said that drugs like coffee that are used by the capitalists to increase the hours of work will not be necessary in communism.

Communism is part of human nature and it existed for thousands of years in society without classes. Also, in the period in which society has been organized into classes, there have been very strong attempts by the oppressed to emancipate themselves.

An older comrade made an analysis of the Russian revolution of October, 1917. He argued that to make communism a reality an armed revolution is needed, led by workers, soldiers, farmworkers, teachers and the unemployed. It is in the achievements (both advances and errors) of the Russian and Chinese revolutions, that we base our aspirations. The approach of fighting directly for communism is the reflection of the analysis of the errors of the old communist movement, with its approach of the transition through socialism.

The struggle for communism is daily and collective. During the meeting a comrade made the criticism that the collective in Mexico is involved with a lot of people but that too few of them know about the ideas of communism. Also the collective in Mexico was asked to write more about the activities that they carry out because they are not reflected in the Red Flag newspaper.

It was requested that all the collectives from the different parts of the world develop and write more about the ideas of communist centralism, the organization of a communist society instead of the dictatorship of the proletariat, traditions, indigenous rights, and self-determination and sustainability.

Also here in Mexico we will write about the new law of Internal Security, which will take the army with its guns to the streets with the intent to smash demonstrations.

The workers are looking for answers. The message that we give our class is that the system must change; we must unite to build a new communist society.

Everyone agreed that the letters that comrades write from other parts of the world have been motivating for all. They inspire other workers and they motivate us and show us that the struggle for communism is not only in this place. Instead it is a struggle that is taking place in different parts of the world. It was a very inspiring meeting and it showed us the potential that we have as ICWP to build communist revolution.

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