One World, One Working Class


ICWP comrades in mass march against deportations in 2013. We fight for a Communist world without nations or borders

From Africa, where we were born, human beings spread to inhabit the whole globe. In their gigantic journey, they encountered no barriers or obstacles except nature’s landscape and climates which they relentlessly and successfully conquered.

Then, for thousands of years, the world belonged to humanity. They collectively worked, and shared according to need, the products of their labor, taking from nature only what they needed.

Class society changed this. When humans were able to consistently produce more than what they needed to survive for one day, the material basis for private property and exploitation were created. Society was divided into exploiters and exploited, and the world became the private property of the exploiters and oppressors.

This has been perpetuated throughout written history, from slavery to feudalism to now capitalism-imperialism. However, the division of the world – of the rulers’ private property – into nations with borders and immigration laws is solely a creation of capitalism’s commodity production.

Capitalism first developed in Europe. Not surprisingly, it was these rulers who in the 16th century divided the world into continents. As capitalism spread worldwide, the capitalists then divided these continents into nations with borders. This started in the 17th century. By the end of the 19th century when they carved out Africa for themselves, the world had been completely divided into nations.

At first nations were developed to guarantee an internal market for the local capitalists, enacting laws and tariffs to exclude or make more expensive their competitors’ goods. But, by the end of the 19th and early 20th century, they saw how they could be used politically mainly to create patriotism for their predatory and imperialist wars. Thus, the capitalists-imperialists enacted their immigration laws and policies, using them also to further divide the working class, super-exploit immigrant workers and lower the wages and working conditions of so-called citizens.

Given this history, our Party fights all attacks on our immigrant brothers and sisters by calling for a communist revolution to destroy the capitalists’-imperialists’ nations, borders and immigration laws. We fight for a communist classless society that will destroy their private ownership of the world. The world will once again belong to humanity to work collectively and share the product of our labor and nature’s resources responsibly and according to need.

To this end, we must mobilize the masses for communism and nothing else. We shouldn’t raise any reformist demands like green cards for any particular immigrants, amnesty for all undocumented workers or to abolish ICE.

Our slogans should be: Fight for a communist world without nations, borders or immigration laws! Only communism can unite our global family as one race without racism, sexism or xenophobia!

—Comrade in US

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