New Comrades Argue for Communism in Mass Dalit Protests

Gujarat, India

INDIA—Vankar, a sixty-year-old Dalit activist, set himself ablaze in front of a government office on February 15. His desperate act to force the government to grant him a small piece of land resulted in a tragic death. Many Dalits facing severe discrimination and facing a bleak future commit suicide every day. The news of Vankar’s death spread like a wild fire in the state of Gujarat where he lived.

Among the many demonstrations that brought the fury of the masses on to the streets, there was something different this time. Several members and friends of ICWP were with the masses talking about communism as the only solution to the capitalist murders and severe sexism faced by the working class all around the world.

While political parties controlled by the bosses talked about ‘justice’ for the family of Vankar, ICWP members patiently explained that under capitalism there is no justice as the bosses control and defend the system of wage slavery. This system of wage slavery requires racism and sexism. ICWP is organizing the working class to destroy capitalism and create a communist system without money and based on the needs of the working class. This communist society will struggle to eliminate racism, sexism and cast discrimination.

As the mass demonstrations grew bigger and more violent, the fascist ruling party, afraid of rising anger of the masses, announced that it will allocate a piece of land to the family of Vankar. We took this opportunity to explain to the masses that in communism there will be no private property. Private ownership will be replaced by collective work, where everyone will contribute according to their ability to fulfill the need of all.

Many young people who listened to us were very interested in organizing for communist revolution.

Some came to our homes and we had hours of heated but friendly discussions about eliminating caste discrimination with communist revolution. We have very close social ties with these youths who are full of energy and hungry for change.

ICWP is a young group here. Our participation has given us more confidence in fighting directly for communism. We are clear about the obstacles we face. Capitalist bosses fear communism and they spread the lies that the caste system has existed for thousands of years and that it cannot be eliminated. They also encourage and finance separatist political movements that argue that Dalits can fight by creating exclusive political groups of Dalits only.

We have decided that we must address these issues in the local language that explains ICWP’s line of fighting against nationalism, identity politics and reformism. We are also increasing our distribution of Red Flag. We have confidence that with our communist vision of the future we will be able to win thousands to our party in the near future.

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