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Dakota Access Pipeline: Capitalist Profits vs. Clean Water

Communism Will Organize Masses to Decide Everything

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USA – The indigenous Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in South Dakota continues to fight against construction of the Dakota pipeline.  This oil pipeline threatens their water supply and ancestral graves.  Many others are rallying in support.  Police and company thugs have attacked them, arresting hundreds.  Recently a federal judge ordered a temporary halt to the pipeline.  Obama’s Departments of Justice, Army and the Interior supported him.  Obama opportunistically suggested the pipeline might not be necessary.  He cited dropping oil prices, shrinking markets and falling production in North Dakota. 
But construction continued.  And president-elect Trump has $1-2 million invested in Energy Transfer Partners, the construction company, and Phillips 66, with a major stake in the project.  Energy Transfers donated heavily to his campaign. 
Democratic Party environmental activists will use the Dakota Pipeline to try to convince us that “our vote matters.”  That is exactly the wrong conclusion! 
Capitalism has already poisoned our water and polluted our air.  It’s wrecking our lives now and threatening our future.  Its democracy has put open fascists in power in India, the US and elsewhere.  Our conclusion:  We need communist revolution more urgently than ever.

Communism will change everything.  Communism will organize production based on comradely social relationships and the needs of the masses.  No more money or profits!  We’ll share what we make instead of buying and selling. 
Communism will be a classless society.  There will be no government as we know it today.  Instead, a mass International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP) will help us share the work of planning and decision-making among everyone who’s willing to help. 
Party collectives will meet often to decide what we need and how to produce it. Some decisions will concern local issues and can be made locally.  But most important decisions can’t. Our world is interconnected. 

Communism will erase national borders.  It will develop mass consciousness of our mutual interdependence.  One international party will link collectives globally.  We’ll make all decisions in the best interest of the masses everywhere. 
A growing international party means the emergence of collective wisdom on a scale we can scarcely imagine.  But let’s begin with the limited knowledge of our relatively small party today. 
Everyone urgently needs clean water.  No “profit motive” will keep it from us.  Many more people will help develop ways to reduce and reverse capitalism’s widespread water waste, pollution and depletion.  There will be many more hands to carry out these plans. 
The same holds for clean energy.  We’ll mobilize masses to provide power everywhere it’s needed with existing and new technologies.  We’ll leave more carbon in the ground.  We’ll prevent further damage to ecosystems and our health.  No more toxic fogs that suffocate millions!  When we can’t avoid dangerous materials, we’ll deploy as much labor power as needed to guarantee that they are handled safely. 
Dakota pipeline protesters remind us that indigenous people lived sustainably in the Missouri River valley until they were conquered by the US Army in the late 19th century.   For a few hundred years before that, their societies (while not equal) survived mainly on cooperation and exchange, not exploitation.  And still earlier, for thousands of years, they lived in small nomadic groups with elements of communism. 
Today’s capitalist society is not the way human beings lived for most of our history. It is not some “natural law.” Some Sioux tribal leaders and clergy who support them stress that the Dakota pipeline threatens ancestral graves.  They romanticize “sacred tradition.”  But we need to look forward to scientific communism, not backward to an idealized past. Communism will free us from capitalism’s drive to maximize profits by finding the cheapest solutions.  Certainly, we could re-route a pipeline (if one is needed) to avoid burial sites. 
But communism will also free us from the chains of tradition.  In China during the 1960s, for example, some communist-led collective farmers chose to relocate ancestral graves so they could better organize their farming.
In capitalism, money dictates virtually every aspect of life and death.  Communist revolution will put power in the hands of the masses.  Our collective wisdom will help us reclaim and transform our lives and our planet.
Meanwhile let’s spread communism in every workplace and classroom, every barracks and social gathering, and in every mass action and movement.  That includes the fight against the Dakota pipeline.    

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