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Refugee Crisis: Communism = No Borders, Refugees or Deportees


Imagine a world in which no one is driven out of their home or forced to flee for their life.

That’s what the International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP) is fighting for. Communism, the real thing, based on “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. And you can help us.
According to the media the exodus from the Middle East and Northern Africa is the biggest migration since WWII. Some 60 million people, according to the UN.
There have been plenty of other crises during this period. For example, the birth of India drove 14 million people out of their homes and killed half a million of them. The founding of Israel drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into permanent exile. Add to this the refugees from New Orleans, the Yugoslavian war, the Rwandan genocide, the war in the Ukraine, and the state-sponsored xenophobia in South Africa. The list goes on.
These refugee crises will continue as long as capitalism exists. For example, the Maduro government in Venezuela is whipping up xenophobia against the millions of Colombians who live in that country. It has already deported hundreds.
Capitalism produces continuous small, but vicious wars between regional powers.  Many are proxy wars between big (imperialist) powers. And occasional direct conflicts between the big powers resulting in World War. Also, its chronic crisis of overproduction brings unemployment, homelessness, and starvation. And finally, to obtain cheap labor and divide the working class capitalism whips up racism, sexism and xenophobia.

Communism will change all that. Under communism, as we plan it, there will be no money and no wage system.  Everyone will labor collectively to satisfy everyone’s needs, including work, food and shelter
The abolition of the wage system will tear up the roots of racism and sexism. However, these weeds will not disappear on their own.
The end of racist super-exploitation will open the door. Communist mass mobilizations can then eliminate the last vestiges of racism inherited from the old system.
Under communism there will be no nations, no borders, no citizenship, and no one will be illegal. In truth, workers have no nations. Nations are a capitalist invention. Workers can only rely on each other the world over.
Once we have communism in one part of the world, we will welcome anyone who wants to join us. They will have work, food, and shelter like everyone else. They will join us in fighting the capitalists.
Many of the current refugees will become leaders in the fight for communism. A number of the tens of millions forced to migrate to the US from Mexico and from central and South America already have.
In just the last few weeks, refugee leadership has upset the European bosses’ plans. Confronting the cops, marching by the thousands across countries, they have inspired hundreds of thousands more.

The bosses tell us that communism goes against human nature; but once again events have proved them wrong. In Austria and Germany thousands have cheered when the refugees arrived. So many brought food, clothes, and toys that the bosses’ police began to turn some away. Railroad workers put in free overtime to bring the refugee trains in. A woman in Vienna organized a convoy of 140 private automobiles to ferry refugees from Hungary to Austria. Twelve thousand as far away as Iceland have volunteered to help, putting the government’s plan to accept 50 refugees to shame.
Did they do this all for money? Of course not. They did it in the spirit of “to each according to their needs”. Communism is possible … but it will take a lot of work and fighting. It will take a revolution led by a mass party. You can help.
For a start, by circulating this leaflet. The ICWP is distributing this leaflet worldwide. The same leaflet, wherever you are (in different languages). If you pass it on to even one other person, that helps. If you copy it and give it to many, even better. You can also mail the link icwpredflag.org, post it on a web site, post it on social media, tweet the link, and so on.
The next step is to read our newspaper Red Flag and our manifesto “Mobilize the Masses for Communism”. If you agree, we urge you to join ICWP. Also, donate what money you can to support the Party. Together we’ll build a world without borders.


To Contact ICWP: Email: icwp@anonymousspeech.com