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Another Imperialists Saint:

Juniper Serra Enslaved Native Amerians

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Dear Red Flag,

Last year Pope Francis canonized Juniper Serra, saying, “[Serra] sought to defend the dignity of the native community.” This canonization was opposed by many.
n the early 1970s, the then Pope tried to canonize Serra, but the protests against this wee so numerous and vehement that the Vatican had to back down. A few of the reasons for the opposition then and now are:
Serra (1713-1784) did the bidding of his imperialist masters.  He imprisoned thousands of Native Americans in missions throughout California. These prisoners were used as slave labor. There were rebellions, of course, and these were put down brutally. If Native American women were caught trying to abort fetuses conceived by marauding Spanish soldiers, they were brutally beaten and then viciously humiliated.
Under capitalism, vicious racists and fascists are often made out to be heroes. Juniper Serra is one of thousands of such examples.
All the world’s ruling classes always have motives for their “alliances,” whether with the Pope, for their “improving relations” with one or another country, or for their calls for “reforms.” Their purpose is always to further their control of the world’s markets.
This has been true for centuries – ever since the creation of nation states. Most people know that invaders from Europe were responsible for the brutal decimation of Native Americans, and that this was a deliberate policy. However, we’re taught that the missions benefitted the Native Americans (the “big lie” technique). In communism, the truth about our class will be taught and the capitalists’ lies about our past will be exposed.
It’s clear that fascism is being built worldwide. But capitalism and its inevitable fascism “won’t last forever,” as Langston Hughes said.

A Comrade


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