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Behind the Myth:

Mother Theresa—Front for Imperialists

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Pope Francis has made the fascist Mother Teresa a Saint. US rulers like Hillary Clinton and President Obama praise this. This canonization is a salute to someone who has caused the unnecessary and cruel deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, who lived lives of dire poverty before they were “taken in” by her missions.

Originally from Albania, she formed Missionaries of Charity in India. Her organization was investigated for fraudulent misappropriation of money. Funds meant to treat cancer patients were diverted to several right wing Catholic pro-life organizations.

In her 517 missions worldwide, two thirds of those who had gone there hoped a doctor would treat them. This never happened. The other third lay dying with little hygiene, inadequate food and no painkillers. Many millions of dollars went to Mother Teresa; money wasn’t the problem.

Instead of giving dying cancer patients pain medication to alleviate their suffering, or medical care, her nuns sang. She said that pain brought the dying patient close to God.

In Bhopal, India a Union Carbide chemical plant had a deadly poisonous gas leak in 1984. 8000 people died, more than a half a millions were injured; many lost their eyesight forever. Union Carbide had ignored numerous studies predicting the disaster. Two local journalists who exposed this a year before were found murdered. Profit claimed the lives of those who must depend on wage slavery. The CEO of Union Carbide was charged with criminal negligence.

After the disaster, Mother Teresa flew to Bhopal and, escorted by government cars, offered the victims small aluminum medals of St. Mary. “This could have been an accident,” she told the survivors. “It’s like a fire (that) could break out anywhere. That is why it is important to forgive. Forgiveness offers us a clean heart…people will be a hundred times better after it.” 

Pope John Paul II agreed, saying Bhopal was a “sad event” which resulted from “man’s efforts to make progress.”

She gladly received an award from Ronald Reagan at the time he was funding the Contras in Nicaragua. When she went to Central America in the midst of civil wars, she said, “Everything was peaceful in the parts of the country we visited. I do not get involved in that sort of politics.”

We should always beware of those who pose as saviors of the masses but in fact are fronting for the imperialists. ICWP fights to eliminate poverty, suffering, and idealism by mobilizing to destroy capitalism with communist revolution. We will thrive together by building collectives that mobilize to help each other meet all of our needs.

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