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Shifting Global Balance of Power:

Danger of Fascism and World War Shows Urgent Need to Fight for Communism

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Dec. 28— The Syrian government has re-taken east Aleppo with the help of its Russian imperialist backers.  This marks a decisive shift in the global balance of power. 
Russian imperialism now casts a longer shadow over the Middle East.  The solidifying Iraq-Iran-Syria-Turkey bloc which it backs is prying looser the US imperialists’ grip on this oil-rich region.  This region has been the cornerstone of the US worldwide empire since 1945.
This is further evidence of the decline of US imperialism.  It is losing ground to its two major imperialist rivals:  Russia and China.
No imperialist power concedes defeat peacefully.  This struggle for world domination will be decided on the battlefields of World War III.  Already in Syria and elsewhere, US and Russian imperialists and their allies have rained death and destruction on the masses. This shows what the capitalist butchers have in store for the working class everywhere.
Let’s shed any illusion about one capitalist-imperialist butcher being better or more humane than another. Capitalism-imperialism is based on competition, exploitation and war for maximum profit.  Nothing can change it.
This must be ended with a communist revolution.  The masses must build a world based on cooperation to produce and distribute everything according to need.  No profits or money or markets or wars to control them!  Communist society will erase borders and abolish nations.
Join the International Communist Workers’ Party in this historic task!  And help translate Red Flag into Arabic, Russian and many more languages to spread this movement worldwide. 
The US rulers are in disarray.  Their declining power limits their ability to influence world events.  For example, they have not been invited to the talks where Russia, Turkey and Iran are deciding the future of Syria.  They can’t contain China’s growth or stop an assertive Russia or the Russia-China-Iran alliance.
This is the basis of the sharp disagreements within the dominant US imperialists about where, when, and against whom to go to war.  It’s not a question of “if.”  It’s not specifically a Democrat-Republican divide.  Sooner or later, world war is coming.  (See box)

Reject Passivity and Patriotism:  Prepare to Turn the Guns Around to Fight for Communism
We must vigorously oppose US imperialists’ efforts to build a fascist movement to win or force workers and youth to slave and fight for their declining empire.  Trump’s campaign helped those efforts with the racist slogan “Make America Great Again.” Clinton’s helped with the patriotic all–class unity slogan “Stronger Together.” 
We can’t allow the masses to be lulled into passivity by Trump’s promise of “peace” with Russia.  Neither should we fall prey to the rulers’ patriotic and racist propaganda, or become paralyzed by fear.   We must not be co-opted by the Democrats’ early start for the 2018 congressional elections.
Our task is to turn the guns around and fight for communism.  Russian soldiers, sailors and workers turned the guns on the capitalist rulers during World War I.  Chinese soldiers, workers and peasants did it after World War II.  Their heroism proved that the masses can defeat the capitalist-imperialists and run society. 
But they mistakenly fought for socialism:  state capitalism.  This eventually developed, not into communism as they had hoped, but into full-blown open market capitalism-imperialism.  Learning from their mistakes, today we fight directly for communism.
Anger is growing against capitalism’s politicians and electoral farce from the US to India, from South Africa to El Salvador and beyond.  Fury is rising at the slaughter of our class brothers and sisters.  This creates the urgent need and possibility to mobilize for communism in the factories, schools and in the bosses’ militaries. 
Only communism can guarantee an end to imperialist wars.  Only communism can create a world where workers everywhere embrace each other as true sisters and brothers.  Only in communism can we respect and learn from and rely on each other to meet everyone’s needs.
Join us in fulfilling the historical task of the working class:  building communism over the grave of capitalism-imperialism.

US Rulers’ Disarray:  Workers Need Communism Sooner Rather than Later

The decline of US imperialism leaves US bosses with no good options.  That’s mainly why there are such sharp disagreements among them. 
Some prefer not to go to war against a China-Russia bloc, and especially not in the Middle East. These imperialists consider China the main enemy.  They see the South China Sea as the best place to confront China. They think they can divide China from Russia.  If that’s not possible, they prefer to confront Russia in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea. 
Others, like Hillary Clinton, are more determined to confront both Russia and China more aggressively now, even if it means war.  For example, Clinton called for a “no-fly zone” in northern Syria.  This would have meant preparing to shoot down Russian war planes, and confronting Russia sooner rather than later. 
Clinton’s group was betting that Putin would back down.   Many influential US imperialist policy analysts disagreed.  They saw this could have quickly ignited World War III, which they are not yet ready to fight. That was a point of grave concern.
However, Trump is not exactly what these US imperialists wanted as president.  But he is being pressured heavily to toe their line. 
Trump’s choice of Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State shows this playing out.   Tillerson has ties with Putin.  Exxon-Mobil has a half-trillion-dollar deal with Russia just waiting for US sanctions to be lifted. 
But some see these issues as a smoke screen to hide the US imperialists’ retreat from confronting Russia in Syria and the Ukraine.  This strategy also hopes to divide Russia and China.
That’s why key imperialist policymakers support Tillerson’s appointment.  They include policymakers like Robert Gates (former Defense Secretary), Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State), Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, among others.
This approach might lead to some kind of temporary deal and give US imperialists (and the Russian bosses!) more time to prepare for war.  But it will not resolve the contradiction between rising Russian and declining US imperialism.
Trump’s hawkish approach to China is more in line with these key policymakers’ “Pivot to Asia-Pacific.”  They designed this policy to “contain” China.  Trump’s openly supports an independent Taiwan.  He threatens to impose tariffs on Chinese-made goods.  These positions signal his determination to more aggressively contain China. They could provoke war sooner rather than later.
Russian and Chinese imperialists know that the Trump presidency seeks to divide them.  They both claim that won’t happen. 
“What we have between Russia and China is more than just a strategic partnership,” declared Putin.
“The internal drive for China-Russia strategic coordination is strengthening,” stated Global Times, the official website of Chinese imperialism.
US imperialism’s weakness and sharpening inter-imperialist rivalry make it more important than ever for workers, soldiers and students to mobilize the masses for communism.  Sooner rather than later.

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