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If Elections Made a Difference, They Would Be Illegal

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USA, Nov. 29 — Protesters chant: “This is what democracy looks like!”   A comrade remarks: “Yes! We are in the streets yelling while a handful of capitalists in fancy offices make all the decisions.  We need communism, not democracy.”
Trump’s election represents a political crisis for the US ruling class.   Its electoral system is in chaos.  Even as president-elect, Trump’s domestic and international “deals” are nakedly corrupt.  They may even violate the bosses’ Constitution.  Already the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are talking about impeachment.  They see the Trump presidency as a threat to US imperialism.
US imperialism justifies its bloody rule over workers worldwide by claiming to “spread democracy.”  Now this democracy is poised to inaugurate a President Trump with the white-nationalist (Nazi) Steve Bannon at his right side. 
This crisis and comparable ones around the world reflect a general crisis of world capitalism.  War and fascism take capitalism’s intensifying contradictions to extremes.  They expose the rotting roots of existing society. 

The rulers’ crisis is our opportunity to show that the only alternative to the bosses’ fascism is communist revolution. 
In communism, the masses, through our interconnected collectives, will make all decisions that shape our common lives.  We’ll be organized as one International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP). 
ICWP membership is not an elite status reserved for a special few.  We want everyone to join who will work for a communist world.  We constantly struggle to develop everyone’s political understanding and commitment. 
ICWP is not an electoral party.  Running candidates builds the dangerous illusion that capitalist democracy reflects “the people’s will.”  In socialism, elections are either a transparent cover for one-party rule, or simply capitalist politics as usual.  
Communist leaders aren’t elected.  They are those who take responsibility for the work.  They demonstrate their commitment to communism in practice.  Eventually everyone will help lead.

Masses are losing confidence in “the system.” 
Nearly half of eligible voters stayed home.  Racist voter-suppression stopped some.  But many correctly saw that none of the candidates represented their interests. 
Trump’s “populism” is revealing itself as a capitalist bonanza that will intensify capitalism’s attacks on all workers.  All workers stand to lose overtime pay, health insurance, pensions and more.  Only communism can meet their needs.  To win this fight the masses must reject Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim scapegoating and his divisive sexist lies. 
The sharpest contradiction today may be President Obama’s pledge to “make sure that this is a successful transition” —  to an openly fascist regime!  
The rulers rightly fear workers’ revolution.  Obama and other politicians need us to believe that their democracy “is better than the alternatives,” in Obama’s words.  That “We’re patriots first.”  That we must have “respect for our institutions, our way of life, rule of law.” 
We’re not “patriots” and we don’t respect the capitalist way of life that is destroying our lives and our planet!  Masses must consider “the alternatives.” 

The alternative we need is communism.
Communism means “From each according to ability and commitment, to each according to need.”  Cooperation will replace wages, profits, privilege, exploitation and competition.  We’ll share goods and services instead of “exchanging” them.  Those affected by decisions will collectively make them and carry them out.
“So, would communism be real democracy?” some ask.
“Democracy” and “dictatorship” are interconnected aspects of capitalist rule.  Class society depends on organized violence to protect its system of private property.   The US constitution, from the beginning, established the bosses’ monopoly of legal violence to defend their bloody theft of land and labor. 
We can see capitalist dictatorship today at Standing Rock.  In racist police terror and mass incarceration.  In the threat of starvation and homelessness that forces workers into wage slavery.  This is what democracy really looks like. 
Communist revolution, led by a Red Army, will violently overthrow this bosses’ dictatorship.  Masses will exercise our new-found power to collectively reshape society.   We will suppress former exploiters and their racist/sexist defenders who stand in the way.  
This dictatorship of the working masses will continue until we have wiped capitalism off the face of the earth.  Then the whole world will be communist.  New generations will grow up knowing that collectivity and sharing are how people live.  Rarely will there be need to use force against each other.
 Classless society will have neither democracy nor dictatorship. 
Capitalism’s deepening crisis must lead either to fascism or to communism.  Now is the time to mobilize masses to fight for COMMUNIST WORKERS’ POWER.

LOS ANGELES, USA, Dec. 11 – Anti-capitalism was a mass issue among several thousand who marched here against the Dakota oil pipeline. It was up to comrades of the International Communist Workers' Party to make communism a mass issue. We distributed 175 copies of Red Flag and had some good conversations. "In a communist world without money or profits, we can protect people and the planet," was how one comrade approached the marchers.

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