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Building Solidarity and Fighting Fascist Attacks on Migrant Workers

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January 8--“I am Cedric” read a sign carried by one of 300 supporters outside the courthouse in Nice, France.
“Cedric” is Cedric Herrou, a French farmer on trial for helping dozens of mainly African immigrants cross into France, giving them shelter and food.
In his trial, Cedric explained that he was horrified by the conditions these migrants endured. Many of them are unaccompanied children.
Cedric and his supporters in many ways think and act as communists. They must be won to join ICWP to fight for communism. Only communism can eliminate the horrors that drove him to help these African migrants.
Only communism can build a world without borders or nations. No human being will be “illegal.” To shelter and feed people will not be criminalized but will be done naturally and as collectively as possible.
But most important, in a communist world nobody will be forced to migrate to look for a job to survive or provide for their families. In a world without money and wages there won’t be wage slavery jobs – just useful creative work to satisfy everyone’s needs collectively. 
Humans have always migrated, populating the whole world from our birth place in Africa. Migration will not stop under communism. A communist world will encourage migration to integrate society locally and worldwide. Everyone will be welcomed as visitors or as permanent members of the society where they choose to visit or reside.
We can’t win the communist world we need in the capitalists’ courts or with marches or actions no matter how massive or militant. It will take an armed revolution led by millions of workers and soldiers with a clear understanding of communism to destroy capitalism-imperialism and build a communist society.
We admire Cedric’s empathy and courage but we recognize the limits of this kind of action. Herrou is a humanist, not a communist. His trial publicized humanism and not communism. What’s the difference? Humanism is based on supposed solidarity of the whole human race. Humanists are idealists and think there are basic humanistic ideas - like caring for your fellow man or woman - and that once everyone adopts these ideas we’ll have a better world.
Communism, on the other hand, is based on solidarity of the working class. Furthermore, we’re materialists. While we believe that changing ideas is important, we also believe that we must destroy capitalism with its production and social relationships which engender, cultivate and propagate capitalist ideas.
When the law used against Herrou was passed, many in Europe were disgusted. It reminded them of the laws the Nazis passed against sheltering Jews. In fact, the European bosses are borrowing more and more tricks from the original Nazis.
In Denmark and other countries they confiscate the possessions of refugees when they enter the country. Refugees are crammed into camps behind barbed wires. Politicians call them “roaches” and “rats” and suggest shooting them when they try to cross the border.
During the Brexit campaign in the UK the neofascist UKIP party had a poster showing a long line of refugees—a clone of one published before WWII by the German Nazi party.
Herrou and his supporters show that many Europeans are not being taken in by neo Nazism. But to really change the world we need a millions-strong ICWP and a communist revolution.

The capitalist press has tried to make Cedric Herrou into an individual hero. But this is a mass movement—a solidarity collective of about a hundred people in five small mountain villages near the Italian border. It started as an act of charity, giving food and water to African migrants. Similarly, some in Mexico throw food and water to the Central American migrants passing through on top of freight trains on their way to the US. This movement has developed into a semi-clandestine network of safe houses, feeding, sheltering and transporting hundreds of migrants per night on their way north. Many railroad employees look the other way when migrants get on trains.
The rise of anti-immigrant racism in Europe and the US has received a lot of publicity.  And there are those who call the cops on these migrants in the Roya Valley. These same people would have turned Jews over to the Nazis. But it’s important to understand that the resistance to fascism has a mass character. In response to this mass solidarity, many cops are also turning a blind eye to migrants. Others who have been arrested, including a University lecturer and a railroad engineer, have been acquitted, like Cedric, or given suspended sentences. Building mass, illegal networks to fight fascism is not enough. But it’s not a bad place to start.

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