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Communism Will End Centuries of Bloody Racism in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh


The student leader of Jawaharlal Nehru University remains to be in jail on charges of giving an anti-national speech.  At his bail hearing a group of pro-BJP lawyers mercilessly beat him up in front of the judge and police.  He has been taken to an undisclosed location for further interrogation.  More students are similarly charged for questioning the hanging of a Muslim detainee on dubious charges of attacking the Indian Parliament.

The Second World War left British imperialism crippled and unable to directly rule its colonies in Asia and Africa.  Five centuries of colonial rule of divide and conquer created numerous countries based on religion, language, ethnicity etc.  In South Asia, India and Pakistan were born which resulted in one of the most horrific bloodsheds in modern history.  Over two million Hindus and Muslims were killed and 14 million were left homeless when a lawyer from London was appointed to draw an arbitrary border creating India and Pakistan.  The civil war in Pakistan in 1971 created Bangladesh as the fascist Pakistani army butchered and terrorized three million Bengalis.  
The creation of India under the leadership of the pacifist Gandhi was seen as liberation of the masses that had suffered enormously under British subjugation.  Similarly, Bangladesh was born giving hope to the masses dominated by the Pakistani rulers. 
However, the Congress party and the current rulers of BJP have continued and intensified the British policy of dividing the workers based on religion.  The minority Muslim workers are seen as anti-national and face discrimination in education, employment and housing.  By intensifying anti-Muslim racism, the rulers viciously discriminate against the Dalit workers. Muslim and Dalit workers are part of 200 million industrial workers that create enormous wealth for the Indian capitalists.
The Indian national movement against Britain was financed by the rising Indian capitalists like Tata, Bajaj and Birla.  Today these same capitalists along with the new capitalists like Reliance and Adani are fiercely competing in the global market for auto, pharmaceuticals, textile, heavy machinery, steel, software and energy.  These capitalists have bankrolled fascist Modi who pushes nationalism to enable the bosses to exploit the workers so the Indian capitalists can compete with the capitalists in China, the US, Europe and elsewhere. 
In the last 20 years India has created over 100 billionaires. The combined wealth of the richest five Indian capitalists is more than the wealth of over 800 million poor Indian workers.  Nationalism has created enormous wealth for a few and huge slums and horrific working conditions for the industrial workers living in large cities. 
Recent student demonstrations have given us an opportunity to offer the communist alternative to the students and workers in India and other places.  International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP) is building the revolutionary communist movement to create a communist society without borders, religion, racism and sexism. 
Only communism can end centuries of atrocious conditions faced by Dalits, Muslims and other workers because we will smash the foundation on which exploitation is created and justified.  By building communist society that will end production for profit we will end the terror of the billionaires, their fascist rulers and anti-working class religious bias.  The borders that divide the working class and the wars in which we kill each other will be eliminated.  Production for the needs of the working class will be based on cooperation and not on competition among workers.  No one will be condemned to do the same task for their whole life.  Every task to build communist society will be shared by many and we will eliminate the separation between mental and manual labor. 
Building our movement for communism is not easy. It is full of obstacles. However, capitalism creates its own gravediggers.  The Dalits in India, the miners of Marikana, the garment workers in El Salvador, Dhaka, Los Angles, the autoworkers in Flint, Michigan, and Chennai, India, have one enemy – the capitalist class.  They are few, we are many.  The rulers try to blind the workers and students with nationalism and religion.

“Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the working class,” wrote Engels.  We are creating this doctrine among the masses by ideologically struggling against nationalism and religion among many other things.  
In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh we have dramatically increased the circulation of Red Flag.  Students and workers are joining ICWP and we are getting an enthusiastic response.  We are distributing our main document Mobilize the Masses for Communism and efforts are underway to translate it into more languages. 
Our new members and readers are gaining confidence by struggling around our line and studying communist philosophy and science of change – dialectical materialism.  As one reader in India said, “I read all the Red Flag articles and it gives me confidence that communism is possible.” Another worker in Pakistan echoed, “Red Flag is the best newspaper in the world.”

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