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Red Flag aspires to be a newspaper of a new type for a party, dedicated to mobilizing the masses around the world for communism. We’re breaking new ground and learning as we go. We will inevitably make mistakes—and disagree about what the mistakes are that we’re making. The letters page is a good place for comrades to engage in criticism and self-criticism, and help us learn to write in a way that will advance the work. We ask writers to be brief, and to criticize in ways that are sharp, but comradely. Collectively we have a lot to learn.


Young Comrade Prepares to Organize Soldiers for Communism

“How am I going to start? How will I do it?” asked a young comrade in a military collective of ICWP. This young woman will enter the US military in a few months to start communist political and organizational work.
A comrade who is a US military veteran began the discussion by reviewing the ICWP military pamphlet: Soldiers, Sailors, Marines: Crucial for a Workers’ Communist Revolution. (Available at http://icwpredflag.org/MIL/mpe.pdf). He emphasized that there is no manual to follow but studying and putting into practice the ideas of the pamphlet would be indispensable.
We agreed that we would all read the pamphlet and be prepared to discuss it at our next meeting.
He said that it was essential to start creating friendly, solid and trusting relationships with other enlisted personnel. It’s important to spend time with them and engage in conversations about why they joined the military, where they come from, what it’s like there, their family situation, etc.
We must carry out an ideological struggle between the ideas of the present society and the ideas of the future in all its aspects. One way to get into that discussion is to talk about the different brands of merchandise that we produce. The most expensive ones contain the best materials and the cheapest ones contain the poorest materials. In communism, we won’t produce commodities to be bought and sold. We will produce everything of the best quality possible, with the best materials available—not for sale but for use.
We must talk to our fellow enlisted personnel about what they think of racism. Capitalism was born along with racism. The capitalist bosses have always used it to divide the power of the working class. To get rid of it we need to get rid of capitalism.
Depending on the circumstances, we can discuss political events such as the conflict in Syria. We can point out that soldiers come from the working class, and that the armies are invaders, oppressors and servants of capitalism. Their wars are never to liberate the masses, but to control resources like oil or to strategically position themselves for the next world war. All of this is for the benefit of the capitalists. We can raise the question: Why sacrifice our lives for the capitalists?
We need to develop our confidence and a global vision of international developments such as the recent assassination of the Russian ambassador to Syria. An understanding of events can give us confidence.
This is something worth living for. There will always be problems with your family, work, friends or whatever, we told the young comrade.
 “I know,” replied the young comrade. “It will be difficult, but I will succeed. In the end, I assure you that I won’t be alone. I will have a collective to rely on solidly and an international party committed to the liberation of the international working class and the establishment of communism.”
—a military political collective

Annual Get-Together in Mexico

At the end-of-the-year meal and meeting, we sent warm revolutionary greetings to comrades around the world. Eleven Party comrades and friends met to discuss the issue of sexism, because there have been responses from comrades from other parts of the world to the letter sent from Mexico.  Even though this question is not decisive in the Communist movement, it is of interest to this collective.
The position of the party was clear and convincing. We liked the letter from the single comrade in the United States in the previous edition. However, the sentence “no one will depend on a single partner to meet all their economic, social, emotional and sexual needs,” sparked a discussion that was not concluded because it implied that we could have more than one partner simultaneously.
We said that under capitalism the sexuality of the youth is repressed. We think that in Communism there will be sex education that will allow people to enjoy sexuality in a healthy way.
In the discussion, three young people who are getting to know the party said they are very interested in talking about religion, spirituality, homosexuality, and about money. We agreed to talk about these issues in coming meetings along with dialectical materialism.
A friend of the party said that the struggle against sexism is not exclusive to ICWP because there are many movements that are fighting for this cause and that we must unite with them. The position of ICWP is that we must win them to the fight for Communism. The friend has come to several meetings of the collective, and always contributes and asks questions. The main ones are that even though we struggle for a goal that will happen, we must also work in the daily struggles without letting them absorb us or divert us from our goal. She always insists that we must work on our individual contradictions and those of the collective. Both are important, like the legs of a person. In turn we invite her to take part in this revolutionary struggle.
We did not exhaust the discussion. There were many pending issues and activities that we will work on enthusiastically in the coming year. The collective sends revolutionary greetings and encouragement to our comrades all over the world. We know that we are many and that each time there are more of us who share the conviction that Communism will exist all over the world and that our class will take power. Long live ICWP!
—A Comrade in Mexico

Greetings from Mexico

I send a toast and a communist embrace to the comrades in South Africa for the loss of our great comrade Tata. I still keep his words in my mind as well as his energy that he transmitted to me in the conference held a while ago.
In the same way I send solidarity with the comrades in India. I want to say that our security is given if we spread our political line massively. Welcome, 2017, welcome our revolutionary struggle, welcome our Communist Society.
—Young Comrade in Mexico

In Memory Of Comrade Tata: Build Communist Internationalism

Comrade Tata, a proud member of the International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP), died at the age of 89 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Comrade Tata relentlessly carried out the struggle for communism until his last breath.  Due to his advanced age and the racist healthcare system, comrade Tata could not get the knee replacement he needed.  Red Flag was what gave him strength.  Despite excruciating pain, he would walk a mile every week to bring Red Flag to his comrades.
Comrade Tata had a compelling style of telling stories of his life.  “When I was 11 years old, they took me away from my mother,” he told us, recounting his experiences of the apartheid era.   The 11-year-old rebellious boy saw the agony and pain of his grieving mother.  His anger at the racist South African society led him to join the African National Congress (ANC). 
As a young ANC recruit he fought many violent battles.  He believed that minority rule would end and that that would bring peace and prosperity to all.  He saw many of his comrades going to jail for decades and some being killed.  He continued his battle.  He learned many skills of survival under fascist conditions.  He was captured and tortured. When he came out of prison, he was more determined than ever before to fight the racist system.
When the ANC led by Mandela came to power, Comrade Tata realized that the battle was just beginning.  He realized, like many around the world, that only communism can end once and for all the system of exploitation that creates racism.  As the ANC was selling out the working class, Comrade Tata was searching for a revolutionary alternative.
An ICWP member who was a neighbor of Comrade Tata gave him a copy of Red Flag.  “This is the solution. I will come to your conference,” Comrade Tata told him. Those who were at the conference will never forget when Comrade Tata gave a heartfelt handshake and an enormous hug of international solidarity to another ICWP member, an immigrant from Mexico to the US.  His words still reverberate: “I will die happy now, because my family is with ICWP.”
Comrade Tata was a true treasure of the international working class.  We will miss him but his firm determination, his absolute hatred for the class enemy and his enormous love for the working class will galvanize our revolutionary communist movement.  Let us honor the memory of Comrade Tata by joining ICWP if we are not yet members. If we are members, we must redouble our efforts to spread ICWP massively to make the dream that nourished and defined his life a reality.


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