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Racism is the leading edge:

Wave of Police Murders, Court Aquittals Aimed at Cheapening the Life of The Working Class!


It’s about time we fought like hell for class consciousness. This is especially true when we are fighting racism. The capitalist class depends on this racism to keep the masses of wage slaves divided and distracted.
Real class-consciousness means communist consciousness.  Only communism can destroy and replace the wage system that is the material basis of racism.
Everything in capitalist culture—the media, the Universities, the Foundations and NGOs and the entertainment industry—is committed to hiding the link between racism and the exploitation of the working class.
Capitalist culture works overtime to promote “racial” or “ethnic” identity.  Its aim is to deny any space for the growth of class consciousness. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the debates and movement-building surrounding the mass anger at the tsunami of police murders in the USA.
By now most people know that the cops can murder and lie about it with impunity. The mainstream media has covered that.  But did you know that the “Mapping Police Violence” (MPV) collective has compiled a list of 1201 people killed by cops in 2015 alone?
What startles people—what makes them doubt you—is that the largest number of them (526) were White. The figures are there in mappingpoliceviolence.org/aboutthedata/. The cops killed 336 Black people, 196 Hispanic or Latinos, 34 Asian/Pacific Islanders, 14 Native Americans and 95 people listed as “unknown.” 
Black people, who make up about 13% of the population, account for at least 28% of those murdered.  White people, who make up about 64% of the population only account for at most 52% of the murders. Left-liberal publications like The Guardian expose this racist disproportionality, but that’s as far as they will go.  They hide its role in class society.
The MPV study is thorough and detailed. It breaks down the murders by race or ethnicity, by gender, by state, whether the victim was armed or unarmed and how he or she was killed. It does not say a word about the class status of the victims.  We bet that at least 99% of them were Black, Latin, Asian, Native American and White members of the working class. 
They were members of the class who produce all the wealth expropriated and controlled by the capitalists who run the media, NGOs, think tanks, Universities and schools. They were members of the majority class that the capitalists work night and day to exploit, oppress and divide so that we don’t develop the political capabilities to overthrow them and their murderous, racist system. 
Many of these working-class victims were veterans of the US Armed Forces, like Siolosega Velega-Nuufolau, a 50-year-old woman killed in California on December 29th.  A year earlier, a West Monroe (Louisiana) cop shot and killed Raymond Keith Martinez, an unarmed 51-year-old homeless vet. 
Imagine the power and numbers of the protests against police murder if they were organized by class-conscious workers and soldiers! Imagine the scale of anger that would explode if mobilized under the Red Flag of communist revolution! Imagine if demonstrators, armed with revolutionary communist class consciousness, were clear that the police murders were aimed at cheapening the lives of all workers!
It’s the job of our party to make this happen by getting out more Red Flags and leaflets in these growing movements against racist police murder. To massively recruit workers, students and soldiers to be active members of ICWP is our goal. This is the highest expression of class consciousness.

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