International Working Class Will End Capitalism’s Racism and Borders

Capitalist borders exist to divide and terrorize the working class. No immigration reform can change that. Only communist revolution can change it, by putting an end to the bosses’ borders and racist terror.

Capitalism and imperialism established nations and drew borders to enable imperialist and national capitalists to exploit workers, and to compete with their rivals. Their borders are the result of bloody wars for domination where millions of workers were massacred worldwide.

Capitalism forces workers to emigrate to flee devastation and to look for work. Immigration laws terrorize immigrants worsen the conditions of wage slavery for all workers. The capitalists want to blame undocumented immigrants for their savage attacks against all of us.

But all of us workers are class brothers and sisters. Armed with communist ideas, youth, workers, and soldiers can turn the rulers’ drive for a loyal obedient workforce and military into the most powerful force on earth. Together, we can build a mass International Communist Workers’ Party worldwide that mobilizes the masses for communism.

Communist revolution will eliminate borders and nations. When our class takes power in one part of the world, the masses will mobilize to spread communist workers’ power to the rest of the world.

Communism will eliminate money and wage slavery. Workers won’t be pitted against each other for a job. Instead of competing for survival, we’ll share resources and ideas. Everyone will be encouraged to play a vital role in planning, producing and distributing everything our class needs. Everyone’s contribution will be valued and appreciated.

No one will be forced to leave their home to search for a slave labor job. Everyone will be welcomed everywhere to become part of growing communist collectives, so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and together build a new world.

Industrial Workers and Soldiers Key to Communist Revolution

While Trump openly attacks all immigrants, the main wing of the US ruling class, who need to strengthen and expand the US military, want to win immigrant youth to patriotically serve US imperialism in its wars. They need to pass the Dream Act.

That’s why many Democratic Party politicians say, “These young people crossed the border through no fault of their own.” Thus to pass, the Dream Act must be addressed separately from the Comprehensive Immigration Reform that affects the 11 million immigrants who “broke” the immigration laws. .

To win these youth to not think about the future of their parents, they tell the Dreamers that they have potential to “be somebody,” supposedly unlike their parents, who work in factories, farms, restaurants, cleaning offices, or as gardeners. These youth need to reject this anti-working-class outlook, which tells then to study hard, and they will get a “good” job, and be able to escape capitalism’s exploitation.

Capitalism belittles workers, who produce everything useful, and the huge profits of the capitalists. Communism values workers’ key role. Communist industrial workers can and will give vital collective leadership to revolution. They will continue to play a crucial role in building the communist relations of production and distribution that will guarantee our success.

Soldiers are forced to defend, fight and die for a system that attacks them and their families. The imperialists give weapons to their potential gravediggers. Communist soldiers have provided and will provide crucial leadership to turn those guns on the capitalists and build a Red Army to mobilize for revolution and communism.

ICWP admires the Dreamers who refuse to abandon the 11 million undocumented immigrants. However, under the Dream Act and Immigration Reform, masses will remain cannon fodder and wage slaves. All youth, students, workers and soldiers need to join the fight for communism. The unity forged in the fight to oppose the government’s anti-immigrant racism must be unity to fight for a communist world where no one will be “illegal” or an “immigrant” or “citizen.” We will all be comrades.

However, the fight over immigration laws unfolds in Congress, it is an opportunity for immigrant and citizen youth being pushed into the military to mobilize to turn the guns on racist capitalism and to help lead a revolution for a communist world.

It is an opportunity for workers, documented and undocumented, native born and immigrant, to unite to build a communist world without wage slavery, where every worker from all over the world can learn from each other to produce the best for the international working class.

Help build a mass ICWP to fight for the communist world our class deserves!

The DREAM Act was first proposed in 2001. Supported enthusiastically by the US military, it would allow undocumented youth who came to the US as children and graduated from high school to get on a long path to citizenship if they served in the military for 2 years (newer versions call for 3 years), or got a college degree. This was meant to get hundreds of thousands of youth into the US military to patriotically serve US imperialism in its coming wars.

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was Obama’s executive order, a stop-gap measure to achieve this goal when Congress refused to pass the Dream Act. While Obama deported over 2.5 million immigrants, he and the other liberal imperialist bosses want DACA recipients to feel “grateful” to the US bosses and willingly serve them as loyal workers and patriotic soldiers.

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