Brief Summary: Mobilize the Masses for Communism

Complete pamphlet: Mobilize the Masses for Communism

The International Communist Workers Party (ICWP) calls on the international working class to join us in mobilizing the masses for communism. This is the principle by which we are organizing to overthrow capitalism, and the principle by which we will build communism. We fight for communism because only communism can free us from what Lenin called capitalism’s “horror without end”. Under communism the party will mobilize the masses to provide everyone’s food, shelter, healthcare and all other needs, for free.

We fight for communism, not for “democracy”, not for “national liberation”, not for “progressive” capitalism. And, most importantly, not for socialism. History shows that socialism leads directly back to capitalism. In fact, socialism is already a form of capitalism – state capitalism. The communists who managed socialism (e.g. in Russia and China) eventually became revisionists – capitalists disguised as communists.

A communist revolution must be the work of millions of communist workers. For this reason ICWP is a mass party, open to all who agree that a communist revolution is the only solution.

As soon as we take power we will mobilize the masses to build communism. This means first of all the immediate abolition of money, commodity production (producing goods for a market) the wage system and any kind of privileges. Workers will be motivated not by the prospect of individual gain, but by the possibility – and, increasingly, the experience – of living in a communist society. We will thoroughly reorganize all aspects of society, including education, health care, housing and transportation.

Of high priority is smashing racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination. Open racism or sexism, whether in word or deed, will not be tolerated. But we must go even further, and root out the material basis of racism and sexism. The abolition of money will itself be a powerful blow. When there are no wages, there can be no racist or sexist wage differentials, which currently give the capitalists a huge economic incentive to maintain these kinds of discrimination. In allocating food and shelter, the Party must ensure that no group receives less than a fair share. Finally, we will end segregation (for vocations, housing, and education).

In the past communist parties often mobilized around reform struggles. The theory was that in the heat of the struggle for reforms, workers’ consciousness would be spontaneously transformed into communist consciousness. This theory never worked.

Mobilizing workers for communism means first of all, having them join the communist party – the ICWP. We measure victory, in part, by how many we have mobilized to read, sell and write for Red Flag. We build study/action groups centered on the job, barracks and classrooms to debate communist ideas and put them into practice in the class struggle. We build and participate in every genuine fight-back with the aim of mobilizing the masses for communism.

The continuing crisis of overproduction and the continuing financial instability have made millions realize that capitalism cannot even guarantee food on the table and a roof over their heads. And finally, the ceaseless bloody “small” wars and the obvious preparations for much larger ones – up to and including world wars – make it clear that workers have little to lose by smashing capitalism.

Join us in mobilizing the masses for communism. We have a world to win.