Volume 9, Number 4

SACRAMENTO, USA, April 4 – Mass protests continue almost daily after two city cops shot and killed Stephon Clark, another unarmed black man, in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18. Marchers, outraged by this coldblooded racist murder, have blocked traffic and sports events. They have disrupted City Council meetings.

Politicians, preachers and sports figures are pushing “nonviolent civil action” to “pursue justice and demand reform.” But US capitalism has relied on racist terror for over 400 years. Stephon Clark was the 263rd person killed by US cops this year. They have already killed 65 more after him.

There can be no “justice” when a tiny ruling class owns almost all the means of production and forces most of us to compete to be their wage-slaves. No “reform” can end this deadly racist system.

Only communist revolution can defeat racist police terror by mobilizing masses to end private property, its material basis. Only communism can unite the masses around our common interest as a working class family and finally defeat capitalism’s “divide-and-conquer” racist ideology.

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