Dialectical Materialism

Getting Started With Dialectics

Brief Introduction to Communist Philosophy here.

The links below connect to articles from Red Flag that can help getting started with communist dialectics. The linked articles discuss the basic concepts of dialectics.  Material in some articles can be skipped, at least the first time around. Material like that is linked, with the link marked by the word “More:”

These articles were published at various times since 2010. Some of them were published as part of a series, but the ones listed here don’t include all the articles in the series. The links here just go to the next basic idea. Some of the specific examples refer to what was happening when the article was first published, and are now a little out of date.

Please don’t hesitate to send in questions that come up. You can email questions or comments to: ICWP@anonymousspeech.com

Collection of ICWP materials on dialectics