After the Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

Hundreds of Anti-Fascists Drive Out Fascists Trying to Incite Anti-Muslim Hatred

SPAIN—August 18—After the terrorist attack in Las Ramblas in Barcelona, far-right movements like National Democracy, the Falange, Catalonia Platform, and Identity Generation or Somatemps called a racist rally precisely at the point where the tragedy occurred on August 17 in which the jihadists killed 14 people and injured over 100.

This group of 50 Nazis that came the following day with placards, like “Refugees are Not Welcome Here,” and “No to the Islamization of Europe,” protected by the local Police, thought that this racist sentiment was going to win the masses. But they got a big surprise when several hundred workers, mostly youth, came out to their gathering with slogans like, “You Fascists are the Terrorists,” “Fascists Out of Our Neighborhoods.” They cornered the fascists. The police intervened to protect them.

We distributed several Red Flags and talked to several young people during and after the demonstration. All were happy remembering that Barcelona has been an important part of recent history in the fight against the extreme right, and the fight against Franco. They were proud of the city for still preserving those ideals in the fight against racism and xenophobia.

We spoke, saying that to defeat terrorism we will have to fight directly against capitalism, which is what is creating all the terror and division of the working class, and that to defeat it we need a political line that can really fight it. This line is the communist road that the International Communist Workers’ Party is building. We said that only by spreading communist ideas massively can we defeat capitalism.

We said that the capitalists have created all these movements and that they are the tools to establish police states that at the same time sharpen the attacks on all workers. The capitalists are those who are creating wars in countries like Syria, wars that only benefit the imperialists and not the working class.

Some applauded and others looked at us with suspicion, but knowing that this political line is the one that really fights for the working class. We hope that soon we will be able to meet with them again.

Red Flag in Barcelona

Published on line 8/23/2017