El Salvador: Comrades in Industry Develop as Communist Leaders

EL SALVADOR, January 2018- The leadership of the ICWP industrial club in the maquilas (sweatshops) met with other comrades to plan new activities for this year and to analyze last year’s work.

These comrades from the maquilas reported on meetings and constant discussions that have taken place with a good number of men and women workers and their family members throughout the year. They also evaluated last year’s May Day March and made suggestions for this year’s march.

They also reported on the activity they carried out at the end of last year, in which they distributed food and basic products among the members and friends of the party cell. They took advantage of this occasion to include people who had never participated in any party activity. Red Flag was distributed, and they talked about the challenges of the new year.

This get-together also allowed people to express doubts, concerns and questions about the Party and our communist vision.

“Many people had never heard the word Communism until this Party arrived. And in this way many people have advanced and raised the consciousness of many of their class brothers and sisters, including them in the discussion of the new communist society,” said one worker.

“Sometimes I feel bad, because they ask me what it is about, and I am not very clear about the Party,” said a worker who has attended meetings of the industrial cell.

There are people who participate in our activities and carry out what the Party considers to be communist work, but they’re not clear about the role of the Party, even though they feel part of it. The ideological and political development of the industrial cell will allow us to understand the importance of this for the Party. This process will strengthen the cell and its ability to analyze and criticize the line and the practice of the party, which is vital for Communist revolution.

The newly created local Central Committee will organize a program of communist political training with the maquila workers. This process will involve students and other workers, including farmworkers interacting with the factory workers in studying the communist political line that ICWP has developed. We have put processes in place that will make it easier to meet and have discussions with more factory workers.

In the latest meeting, the comrades who were in a regional meeting reported to the collective. They talked about the need to help strengthen the Party’s work in other countries, to strengthen the Party cells in El Salvador and to write for the Red Flag, and, at the same time, to criticize and discuss it more sharply.

We’ve made progress, but there is still a lot to be improved. The ICWP clubs in El Salvador must go one step further: strengthening the clubs with ideological training based on the communist ideas embodied in the literature that the Party has produced, which will allow the members to analyze and criticize the theory and practice of the Party. Another urgent task is to broaden the distribution of Red Flag among the thousands of workers in the maquilas.

This will be possible with the involvement of everyone, taking the Red Flag as our tool and with the firm conviction that only communism can end this capitalist horror without end.

May Day, El Salvador, 2017

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