Trump Ends “Temporary Protected Status” for Immigrants

In Communism, the Masses Will Protect Themselves

USA, Jan. 10—Trump’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) will uproot 262,000 Salvadoran immigrants in the US. Over 1000 Sudanese, 60,000 Haitians and more than 5000 Nicaraguans immigrants are already dealing with the destructive effects of Trump ending their TPS late last year. Some 55,000 Honduran immigrants will be next on Trump’s chopping block.

Trumps’ decision will also create chaos and great suffering among untold number of US citizens. Just the Salvadoran immigrants alone targeted by Trump’s decision have over 200,000 US born children. If to this we had the 800,000 youth and over 11 million undocumented workers – with more than 4.5 million US born children—pending in limbo over the DACA program and an elusive Comprehensive Immigration Reform – we can see the enormity of capitalism’s inhumanity. Tens of millions more workers in the US and internationally will be impacted negatively by these racist immigration policies.

Why should the lives of so many workers depend on the whims of politicians like Trump or other law makers and judges of the US capitalist-imperialist rulers? Why is the world divided by borders and ruled by racist immigration laws that are so destructive to workers lives?

Once the world had no borders and no bosses. People lived and worked collectively and shared the products of their labor according to need.

This early communism ended with the rise of private property and class society.   That’s what got us to today’s unspeakably inhumane capitalist-imperialist society. And that’s why we need communist revolution to create a new classless society and a world without borders.

Communism will destroy the main thing that enslaves us to the capitalists: the need to find a job in order to survive. This – along with fascist terror – forces millions of us to migrate. Then we become subject to the capitalists’ racist super-exploitation, enforced by their fascist immigration laws and policies.

But the massive migration of workers around the globe also forms the material basis for cross-border unity of the international working class. All workers suffer the despotic rule of the capitalists’ wage slavery, native-born or immigrant, with or without legal papers.

We all need a society dedicated only to meeting the needs of the masses. Where all will contribute what they can and receive what they need. Where all will be comrades and all welcome everywhere—no one will be an immigrant or a citizen or a stranger. In short, we all need communism.

We all need to build one International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP). You can help by joining or building a collective based on the communist ideas in Red Flag, by reading and writing for the paper and by sharing it with friends and family wherever they live.

Immigrants and Citizens: Take the Offensive by Mobilizing for Communism.

Not all the US capitalist rulers agree with Trump’s immigration policies. Their disagreement is not about whether to super-exploit immigrants but how best to super-exploit them and their children. Whether only to use mass deportation to terrorize them, or also to try win their loyalty to serving in a low-paid workforce and the US imperialist army.

We must not be fooled by liberal politicians and community organizers who want to misdirect our anger into voting for Democrats or begging Congress to pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

Instead we must go on the offensive against all racist attacks and the system behind them by bringing the fight for communism to mass marches and our workplaces and schools, barracks and neighborhoods. We must fight back, defend each other, unite our class and prepare for mass armed struggle to win communism worldwide.

Without communism there can be no security for workers.

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