Mass Deportations? Or Trump’s Wall?

No! We Need to Fight for Communism!

LOS ANGELES (USA)—”I think that of these two options [before Congress] there is a third option. This third option is to have a communist government. For this to happen, a revolution is needed. In the communist government there will be no deportations. All will be citizens of the world,” said one student. The group was discussing possible changes to US immigration policy.

Others echoed him. “Yes, so that we all have what we need and nobody benefits more than someone else.”   “In a communist system no one will be forced to go to war, families will not be separated and no one will be illegal because they came from another place.”

The first of the two options is the possible deportation of 800,000 undocumented youth if the DACA immigration reform program is rejected.   The second is the approval of this reform in exchange for a $25 billion border wall with Mexico and restriction of legal immigration.

President Trump is using these young people (“Dreamers”) as a bargaining chip. He is negotiating with their lives by proposing “give me the wall and I give them DACA.” However, even if this immigration legislation is adopted, the parents of these young people would be deported anyway. Many of them have already been.

Generals Dream of Recruiting Young Immigrants for War

Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense and former Director of the CIA, wrote in the New York Times on November 8, 2017: “The United States faces extraordinary security challenges that exert increasing pressure on our armed forces. Those forces are stronger when they embody the nation’s diversity, drawing from a large pool of willing young people able to adapt to changing threats. That is why we need legislation that provides a path to citizenship for those immigrants who, among other attributes, are serving or have served in the military, whether they are in the United States legally or were brought here illegally as children. That kind of policy will help the army recruit new service members and improve readiness.”

There is much disagreement among politicians about immigration policy and the wall. But most are in agreement with the legalization of the Dreamers. They need to win them over to patriotism because they will need them as soldiers. In effect there will be war again and these young people will be used to defend the US capitalist empire against other capitalist empires whether it be China, Iran or Russia.

But history has shown us that soldiers, marines and sailors have rebelled against their capitalist masters. Soldiers with their industrial worker allies and the masses of people have made revolutions. This happened in Russia during the First World War and in China in the Second World War. But these revolutions were socialist and not communist. This time the revolution will be for communism.

In communism there will be no walls that divide and weaken our international working class. We will be a single force unified and emboldened by the ideals of a world without borders, without any kind of divisions of sex, class, money, race or privilege. All struggling to cement and extend communist relations in all spheres of the new human society.

We call on these young people and all others to join the efforts of the International Communist Workers’ Party to mobilize for communism now. How can they do this? Receive Red Flag, read it, study it, discuss it and write for it. Become a member of the ICWP. Form collectives of struggle and study in the places where we are: in the armed forces, the factories, the schools, the universities and in the neighborhoods around the communist ideas. And in this way, we will be preparing the ground for communist revolution.

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