Revolutionary Communist Greetings from a Comrade near Afrin, Syria

SYRIA, January 26 — As you can imagine, we are in a continuous war waged by different nationalist and terrorist groups. I regularly receive and read Red Flag. My ability to write in English is very limited but I can read and discuss the ideas of Red Flag with friends and other comrades around me. Thanks for keeping in contact with me and discussing communism.

The working class is traumatized by horrific war. However, people are looking for a real alternative. I firmly believe that only world wide communist revolution can truly liberate the working class.

The capitalist bosses try very desperately to divide the working class. They use nationalism, racism, ethnicity to divide the working class. These divisions lead to wars on the one hand but it also opens the door wide open for ending capitalism.

Our class enemy continues to divide us and kill and terrorize us but they can never destroy the working class as a class. This is our power. It is the duty of each and every communist to relentlessly and enthusiastically unite the working class to fight for communism.

Communism is here in the minds and aspiration of the working class. We can make this a reality. Our enemy is dancing to the music of war. We will mobilize for counter attack and liberate the working class with a communist world with no wars, no bosses and nations.

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