1968-2018 Students in Mexico Fight Rulers’ Attacks

The great mobilization of thousands of students in Mexico in 1968 showed that youth could have organized the struggle for communist revolution. Instead, they only fought for the freedom of political prisoners and against authoritarianism. This movement left us with the clear need for an international party like the ICWP, to fight against all the attacks of the bosses and their repressive governments. The massacre of October 2 is not forgotten. That’s why we fight for communism, for a society without exploitation or money,

MEXICO—On the afternoon of September 3, 2018, a group of goons in the service of the government of the capitalist ruling class savagely dissolved a meeting of high school students in front of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Administration. The students were protesting the aggressions suffered initially in the Azcapozalco campus of the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH). They were protesting the lack of teachers, forcing employees to enroll in banks which charged more than what is stipulated in their own legislation to receive their paychecks, elimination of murals, interruption of union meetings of teachers and attacks by groups of goons. The purpose of the meeting was to deliver their list of petitions to the Administration as well as to demand a stop to the killing of women, like Miranda Mendoza F., a student of the Oriente campus of the CCH.

All the governments of the world organize and use these types of thugs and goons against their opponents, to ensure the use of the wage labor power by which capitalism is sustained. Such shock troops are part of the structure of capitalism, an indispensable complement to the means of legal control. Their purpose is to intimidate the oppressed and exploited, and they exist not only in most schools but in workplaces and living spaces also.

The exploited and oppressed have never yielded to this policy of intimidation. These conditions of exploitation and oppression forge anger and rebellion against it every day. To combat it adequately, an alliance with the working class (which in schools includes teachers) is needed.

The goal needs to be the emancipation of the working-class wage slaves, the proletarian class. For this we need to build the political clubs, the cells of the International Communist Workers’ Party. We should not aim for the democratization of capitalism. Democracy since its origin in Greece was a slave regime. Under capitalism it is the government of an oligarchy over the exploited majority. We do not need to use the bourgeois state apparatus but to destroy it to build a state of free workers, never again wage workers, never again proletarians.

“It is the last straw, flattery … totally unnecessary to the Rector for having given ‘answers’ to the students of CCH Azcapozalco … they almost put a pedestal with flowers, incredible! From the 7th floor-Rector’s office, certainly, on September 3, they saw the goons arrive, they saw them attacking the students savagely, and they did nothing to prevent it,” commented a teacher who reads Red Flag.

The State is an organ of oppression of one class over another. It is a deception to preach that with adequate laws (the so-called “rule of law”) the government will defend the workers. We oppose those who spread the dangerous lie that the correct policy is “to demand the wolf not to attack the sheep.” Such deception disarms the masses. It is not only a naive approach, it promotes the continuity of the salary-mercantile regime.

What we need is to build the organization of the exploited, clearly and consciously separated from the capitalists, their government and their parties. The capitalists will not dissolve their shock troops. They will organize them in any other way; only the class struggle will make them retreat. We need to take power to make them disappear. JOIN US!

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