Capitalism Uses Racism to Divide and Exploit All Workers

Hamburg, Germany—September 2, 2018 Pro-immigrant demonstration calls for open ports and rescue of migrants at sea.

On August 26 in Chemnitz, Germany, a man of German nationality and of Cuban origin was killed after a brawl at the hands of a Syrian and an Iraqi.

This has encouraged the ultra-right movements. Two days after the incident there was a demonstration attended by several fascist groups with their typical slogans against the arrival of immigrants to Europe. These groups promote the lie that the overflow of refugees in Europe has stagnated wages and has lowered the “quality of life” of citizens.

We know that it is the capitalist system that uses racism to divide immigrant workers and citizens, and thus be able to exploit them all.

A Honduran worker residing in Germany, who is a Red Flag reader, told us that we need “more tolerance,” that “extremes in societies are bad” and “that we should all abide by the rules.”

This thinking comes from the capitalists who have imposed the idea of tolerance as well as racist ideas on us, in order to continue with their system of exploitation. Also tolerance does not apply in the class struggle; the bosses will never have tolerance with the working class.

The European capitalists are rubbing their hands together over these situations, seeing how they can profit from the division of the working class. The German liberal bosses and politicians call for a better police force and better laws. But that is not going to help us solve the problems and meet the needs of the workers.

The international working class has a tremendous history of solidarity and violent struggle against racism and fascism.

To destroy racism and exploitation, we must fight for Communism. Today we continue to fight in many parts of the world to build a Communist society without exploitation or racism.

One way to understand this struggle for communism is to understand that dialectically our class enemy is the bosses and that we need to destroy capitalism in order to have a true improvement in our quality of life. To read more about Dialectical Materialism go to our website, (

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—Comrade in Spain

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