Capitalist Education Promotes Sexism, Racism, Xenophobia

Communist Education Promotes the Betterment of Our Class

SEATTLE (USA), October 6—“I’m certain he did it,” said a Boeing worker. He explains:

People at work wonder why I’m so certain Kavanaugh did the sexist acts he is accused of. My certainty comes from my personal knowledge of US prep schools and the ruling class culture that dominates them.

After the Detroit rebellion in 1967, the biggest bosses decided they had better include some more blacks in their ruling bureaucracy. My brother was one of the chosen few to attend a prep school like Georgetown Prep that Kavanaugh attended.

He came back from his time at prep school arrogant and feeling entitled. He told me he and his schoolmates could care less if we killed each other in the ghetto.

In fact, the more whites fought blacks, men fought women, native-born fought immigrants, the better for him and his buddies. The divisions in the working class kept him and his classmates in power and making tons of money.

The culture of sexism was almost unbelievable. With the full knowledge of the school administrators, busloads of young women were shipped into the school on Friday and Saturday nights. The heirs to the empire did what they wanted with them knowing that their parents would buy their way out of any repercussions. …And this was only the tip of the iceberg.

I concluded that sexism originates in the ruling class of this capitalist system. If we want to get rid of sexism, we first have to get rid of the ruling class and their class society.

As the heated debates continued throughout the week, I realized that this poison of sexism, racism and xenophobia filters down to every class and aspect of capitalism. In particular, I noticed how the high school I volunteer at grooms an elite group. The school is located in a diverse neighborhood, consisting of mostly blacks, immigrants and the children of immigrants. The school tries to camouflage this division by saying they take in kids from the neighborhood.

As I always say, from the day you are born to the teens, US society sets out to “Americanize” you. What I mean by that is the schools everywhere try to fill your head with capitalist ideas. Take the money and run. If you fail, it’s your own fault for not applying yourself enough or you’re just not smart enough to advance.

We need to advance as one. That requires communist revolution and communist education. We can make us all better by focusing our education around the working class and work. The measure of our success will be how we contribute to the betterment of our class— the very opposite of the education that turned my brother into a class enemy.

Communist education must include practical battles against the big three: sexism, racism and xenophobia. A communist revolution can win if we mobilize the masses of youth to eliminate these remnants of class society; starting now, leading up to a communist revolution and after.

We have no time to lose. At the high school I volunteer at the ICWP already has a base. Over a hundred Red Flags are distributed every issue. I see students reading the paper all the time. We must immediately expand the number of students and parents we already meet with and know socially, inside and outside.

Our aim must be to engage in give-and-take about how communism and communist education are the only solution. After these discussions we have to ask the students, parents and fellow workers, “Now what are you going to do about it?”

I’m certain we’ll get a lot of ideas about how to mobilize for communism.

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