India: Fifty Thousand Desperate Farmers March against Bank

Need Revolution to End Private Property

March 12—The western state of Maharashtra in India is considered the food basket because it produces food in abundance. The same state is also notoriously known as the suicide belt where thousands of poor farmers have committed suicide as they are unable to pay loans to banks.

A week ago, thousands of farmers from the suicide belt villages converged in an epic march of 160 kms to Mumbai. They braved the scorching heat of summer and walked six days to arrive in front of the state legislature. Their number swelled and the Mumbaikars welcomed them with open arms and wallets to contribute for food and water.

Among many reform demands of the farmers is the forgiveness of crushing loans and support for falling prices of food and vegetables (i.e., higher prices to the farmers for their crops)

The International Communist Workers‘ Party (ICWP) calls on the working class to seize this opportunity to organize for communist revolution. In communism there will be no banks, no money, no rent or loans. We will collectively produce for our needs and there will be no private property. In capitalism, abundance of goods brings misery and eventually wars, killing our working-class brothers and sisters around the world. In communism, abundance will free us to advance to a communist way of living.

Communist ideas are not alien to the masses. For a week, thousands of workers marched together, cooked together, and sang together. Marching in unison, men and women, Dalits and non-dalits raised slogans that reverberated around the world. The spirit of unity and communist sharing is the exact opposite of the desperate suicide that takes the lives of many.

It is the urgent task of our party and our supporters to organize the masses to break from the various political parties that want to reform capitalism. Neither fake communist parties nor traditional parties want to abolish wage slavery.

If a march like this is led by ICWP, we will arm the masses and call upon the industrial working class and soldiers to not only support us but to organize insurrection against our class enemy for communist revolution. This will certainly inspire millions around the world to fight for communist revolution. As the old saying goes, a single spark can ignite a prairie fire. Recruiting masses to ICWP around the world is going to ignite many sparks that will engulf the bosses and end their rule.

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