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Protest Racist Murder in Missouri








Ebola in West Africa: What Choice Do We Have But To Fight?

Garment Workers: Destroy the Chains of Wage Slavery

Youth: Help the Party Grow Among Industrial Workers & Soldiers

Missouri to Liberia: Racist Capitalism Kills!

Iraq-Syria Crisis Shows Need for Communism

Bosses Justify Racist Police Murder with Divide-and-Rule Ideas

Unions Support Imperialist War & Wage Slavery

Workers Need No Currency! Let's Mobilize For Communism!

Mechanist Philosophy in the USSR

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Building ICWP in South Africa

Revolutionary greetings. Things are heating up in South Africa. The NUMSA (National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa) leadership has decided to launch a political party fighting for socialism and nationalism.

As we have discussed numerous times, this development comes in the light of the total bankruptcy of the African National Congress and other political parties. South Africa has witnessed a series of militant strikes. Many times workers are armed to fight the whole might of the state. NUMSA is trying to divert this revolutionary potential of the workers into reformist, nationalist dead-end parliamentary democracy where the bosses always stay on top.

Amidst all this development, we made a contact who has invited us to meet with a group of workers. Their invitation is open for us to participate in their preparatory study groups. This would open up avenues for us to be directly involved with metalworkers and expose them to our correct revolutionary line of mobilizing the masses for communism as opposed to socialism. This would give us a great opportunity to recruit workers to our party, the International Communist Workers' Party, for communist revolution, not capitalist reforms.

Another interesting development is that we will soon be visiting the mineworkers in Marikana with the purpose of recruitment and establishing direct contact and the presence of ICWP among the miners. We are in regular contact with a miner who distributes Red Flag. He considers himself a member of ICWP. The miner comrades are very eagerly waiting for a visit from us. Roar, hungry lions, roar! Amandla! Forward!


Let's Make Our Party Mass

The reason that we must join the International Communist Workers' Party (ICWP) is that every day it is harder to live under the capitalist system. The main reasons that sometimes keep people from joining are fear and anticommunism. We have to dispose of doing everything on our own, of all individualism, racism, selfishness, and nationalism. Not doing so will be sufficient cause to abandon all attempts to join the party, and doom us to perish under capitalism.

The worker, on joining the party without doubt will have some confrontation with their communist way of thinking, against the capitalist way of thinking, thus establishing an internal ideological struggle, that is, a struggle between the two ways of thinking. In this struggle, without doubt communist ideology will dominate, and this will keep the worker constant and active in the struggle for communism.

If on joining the party he or she does not dispose of anticommunism, then that person is not sufficiently convinced, they don't have enough anger to remove all the anticommunist propaganda from their mind. Anticommunism and fear are two big obstacles to confronting capitalism. Because even being a member of ICWP doesn't conquer anticommunism; they can't be active as they should, and they could even leave the Party.

In the agricultural fields, I have known relatively young workers, my co-workers and friends, many of whom died as victims of capitalism, However in life they never decided to accept communist ideas, only due to their anticommunism and fear of the bosses.

I knew a worker who received a blow on the head with a defective tool during work hours. Because of the blow he spent many years suffering until he died.

Another worker who worked fumigating the grapevines without adequate protection was poisoned and after suffering for several years he died.

Another worker who picked oranges by contract fell off a ladder. He fell to the ground and broke his spine. He spent many years as an invalid until he recently died.

Another after working a nine hour shift by contract, got to the place he lived. He lay down on the bed to rest and he never woke up; he died there.

None of them received any compensation that I know of from the bosses. And even though some of them knew about communist ideas, because I talked to them about these ideas, none wanted to accept them, much less struggle against capitalism that eventually killed them.

With so much exploitation and so many workers dead and injured like those mentioned, do you need something worse to join ICWP? Come on, come on! Let's get inspired, raise our heads, and join the Party now; look the bosses in the eye; show them that we are not dead nor alone, that we can conquer our fear and our anticommunism, stand up on our two legs, organize ourselves, confront them and defeat them. Because we can organize a workers' revolution, overthrow their decaying capitalist system, and establish a communist society.

Read your revolutionary communist newspaper Red Flag.

--Farmworker member of ICWP


Advance Under Attack:

Let's Respond to MTA's Terror Tactics by Building Red Flag Networks and Joining ICWP!

LOS ANGELES, September 4-- "I work for MTA (the Metropolitan Transit Agency)," explained the Sheriff. "Management is accusing you of trespassing. They don't want the workers here reading that newspaper," continued this Sheriff as he harassed two ICWP members distributing Red Flag at Division 18 on Wednesday, August 27.

In all, three Sheriff patrol cars showed up to intimidate and stop ICWP members from distributing Red Flag. An MTA supervisor came out and threatened to have them arrested for trespassing. She denied that management doesn't want MTA workers reading Red Flag. "It is a question of safety," she lied.

We have been distributing Red Flag at many MTA Divisions for over four years and never had a safety incident. We also avoid trespassing on MTA's "private property" even though it is paid for with our taxes.

Whether acknowledged or not by MTA and the cops, the truth is: MTA and US bosses don't want MTA drivers, mechanics and service attendants reading Red Flag. Why?

They are afraid of the hundreds of MTA workers who regularly read each issue of Red Flag, especially when the contract is pending and there are rumors of a possible strike.

Their economy stands to lose billions in such a strike. But, most important they are terrified by the thought of MTA workers taking Red Flag's ideas as their own and organizing a political strike against capitalism and for communism.

They know that their fascist contract, which will make their farce of "job security" an even sicker joke, has many workers fuming. They know workers understand that it will allow MTA to unleash their reign of terror with impunity. They know that many understand that workers are nothing but wage slaves under capitalism and they're looking for ways to break those chains.

Already, MTA sent a letter to all its workers saying they cannot post anything on social media that reflects "badly" on the company. The threat is clear: "Post anything we don't like and we will fire you!" Now, they want to make Red Flag inaccessible to MTA workers, hoping to use their murderous racist cops to intimidate and terrorize its distributors. 

The most recent police murders of black and latino young men from Ferguson to LA to New York have exposed the racist nature of US capitalism. They also sparked massive demonstrations nationally and a heroic rebellion in Ferguson. The fascist militarized police could not break the rebels' fighting spirit. These rebels need communist political guidance to get off the tread- mill of reformism and the bosses' electoral charade.   

Millions of workers like them are simmering with anger and hatred for this racist capitalist system. Millions are looking for radical alternatives. MTA workers have a great potential to give leadership to these workers and youth throughout LA and beyond by organizing a political strike that points to that alternative: communism.

MTA workers are up to the task

"Sure, I know people who work at Division 18. Give me more Red Flags to take to them," responded an MTA driver at Division 7 when told what happened. Other workers there and at other Divisions responded similarly.

These workers are helping defeat the bosses' fascist tactics to stop the circulation of the working class' communist press. There are many ways to receive and spread the paper. One is outside the divisions, until the bosses no longer allow it.  Another is to give us your address to mail it to you. Or get it online. Workers can come up with other ways and let Red Flag know.

 However, as MTA workers and others show more interest in communism and revolution, the bosses will resort more and more to fascism. We won't be able to rely on outside or internet distribution.

We need to build and donate to our own media: Red Flag. To evade the bosses' fascist tactics and guarantee the survival of ICWP and Red Flag under any and all conditions, workers must organize clandestine ICWP clubs and Red Flag distribution networks in all MTA divisions, all work places, schools, barracks and neighborhoods. Then nothing the bosses do can stop us!

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