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Mass Ferguson Verdict Protests

Slaving For Wages, We Make Cars, They Make Profits!







Ferguson Shows: Rebellions Must Help Mobilize the Masses for Communism

Teachers in Mexico See the Only Solution is to Destroy Capitalism

Responding to Ferguson, on the Job and in the Streets

Red Sailor Writes: Organize for Communism & Make Friends

U.S.Rulers Need Immigration Reform to Defend Their Declining Empire

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Factory Workers Study History, Theory:

Potential to Recruit More Members to International Communist Workers’ Party

EL SALVADOR—“The party is growing in the factories.” With this clear statement a worker leader summarized the situation at the beginning of a communist meeting this weekend. Dozens of workers attended at a beautiful resort. There were several workers who were attending an activity of the International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP)  for the first time.
 “The comrade gave us the newspaper Red Flag. We have already read several editions and this encouraged us to come when he invited us,” stated a worker who, together with his wife and three children—young students—made valuable contributions to the discussion.
There were three points on the agenda: 1) the Beginning of the International Communist Workers’ Party; 2) the difference between Socialism and Communism; 3) reading and discussion of the Red Flag editorial.
We began with a great political speech by a worker leader in which he explained, “The work of the ICWP cell inside the factory is giving great results. We now have the recognition of our class; they know Red Flag, and the bosses and the sellout union leaders hate and fear us.”
When new comrades come to a meeting, we think it is important to give an historical overview of how ICWP arose. A comrade talked of the efforts of workers to organize the working class to fight directly for communism, where workers will have control of the means of production. This will be based on needs and not for the accumulation of wealth through the exploitation of men and women, taking into account the errors of the old communist parties.
A comrade invited the workers to review Mobilize the Masses for Communism to find important information about ICWP’s line. He gave a comprehensive account of the communist ideological vision that strengthens the thinking for a proletarian revolution driven by workers and soldiers.
Men and women industrial workers and workers from other areas participated, showing their willingness to fight to install a communist system for the well-being of the worldwide working class. A worker said very honestly, “They had made me very fearful and they told me that if I organized in the Party they would fire me from work, but I made the decision to come.”
Why do we fight directly for communism? History has shown us that socialism maintains the division of humanity into classes, the use of money which is the root of all evils, and wages. This continues the workers’ slavery and in the end it is clear that it is state capitalism.
For the second point on the agenda, a young worker organizer very thoroughly described the difference between socialism and communism. He showed how struggles for reforms don’t lead anywhere except to continue to be enslaved to capitalism, and that the only way to make change was through the direct path to communism. The discussion was very broad. A teacher who was invited to the meeting mentioned how the fmln isn’t even socialist. But since the traditional right in this country continues trying to scare the working class, he ended by saying that it is necessary to have more ICWP communist cadre schools.
We began reading the editorial in Red Flag about how ICWP is growing in South Africa as the comrades there are taking on the struggle against nationalism. We heard that the communist struggle is growing worldwide. The work that the comrades carry out in South Africa inspires us to continue organizing more and more workers in the factory. It shows the importance of study groups with fundamental topics to improve our understanding of communism. Every one of the workers participated in the discussion of the vision of ICWP reflected in Red Flag. “We should congratulate the comrades in South Africa and aim to carry out the same level of communist struggle as they,” a worker said.
The meeting concluded with an impressive atmosphere of camaraderie. The workers brought fried chicken, rice, soda, and bread, and there was enough for everyone. Some comrades argue that the best meetings are those that happen after the meeting. During lunch the workers explained how they are willing to continue, organized in ICWP, and to recruit many more workers.  Several said goodbye hoping to see each other at the next communist school. Afterwards everyone went to enjoy the fresh relaxing waters of the natural springs, which in communism will be the norm and not the exception.


Boeing Workers Discuss A Practical Solution:

Anti-Racist Rebels Should Take The Next Step: Towards Communist Revolution

SEATTLE, WA—More than a thousand demonstrated as two high schools emptied into the streets. A dozen workers at a suburban Boeing plant circulated a communist solidarity letter. Last September, vicious cops in Guerrero, Mexico disappeared 43 students. The letter linked this racist capitalist terror to Ferguson, calling for us all to join in the fight for communist revolution.
The union maintained a stony silence. The plants, on the other hand, were filled with debate the three days before the Thanksgiving holiday break.
Younger workers listened to the telling history of older workers. “Are these rebellions only the same old thing or can we finally end this racist terror by mobilizing for communism?” was the question presented.
It’s not that seasoned industrial workers lack anger. It’s that they are a practical lot.  They are painfully aware of the staying power of the capitalist enemy.
“Mobilizing [for communism] is the heart of the matter,” said a veteran of many anti-racist battles, pointing to a sentence in the solidarity letter. “We’ve always fought against this and that, but how do we get the new generation to mobilize?”
He didn’t ask this question as an excuse to fight less. He has every intention of continuing to struggle. He wanted to know ICWP’s plan.
The Detroit cops arrested him at 14 during a Black Panther rally. These same racist cops shot his uncle 32 times for advocating that black workers defend themselves by any means necessary.

We Learn From Our History, But We Don’t Have To Repeat It
A number of African-American workers told similar stories, some of relatives and friends, or of movements they were in.
None opposed violent rebellion. They were not happy that more blood would inevitably be spilt.
One friend was particularly incensed with Obama. “What nerve he has to talk about being peaceful! How many drones does he have?” he spat out.
He was, however, inspired by young people in Ferguson who said they didn’t want visits by Al Sharpton or other traditional “leaders.”
This started a longer discussion on the history of anti-racist movements in the US.
“I understand people can only move on the knowledge they have or what is presented to them,” the worker began. “So I don’t blame those that followed traditional civil rights leaders.
“At the same time, I agree with those that have said the end result of those movements was to find places for some leaders in the bosses’ system, while the rest of black people and other workers continue to suffer.
“I admire the courage of the demonstrators and those in the rebellion, but I worry about following the same old formula.”

Hard Won Lessons
Generations of violent struggle against racism and cop murder have taught us some hard-won lessons. First is that capitalism has to be torn out by its roots. There is no halfway solution to racist state terror.
The bosses produce for profit. No capitalist regime can survive without super-exploitation from racist pay differentials. The profit cancer assures that no matter how brave the rebels, how widespread the rebellion, the racist disease will recur in more virulent forms.
The second lesson is that this is a struggle against international Capital. The cops killed 34 Marikana miners in South Africa to defend the bosses’ profits, probably 43 students in Mexico, untold numbers in cities like Ferguson across the U.S. The list spans the world.
The third is that violence is the way the capitalists rule. We will be called upon to answer in kind because the bosses will never give up power peacefully.
The most important lesson is that communism opens the door to a real solution. Communist production for our collective needs will replace the bosses’ need for more profits. The long, hard mass ideological struggle against racism will be buttressed by this collective production. There will be no money or wages, hence no racist pay differentials to justify. There will be no racist terror to enforce super-exploitation; be it cop murder, mass incarceration or racist imperialist war.
“What should we say to this new generation of anti-racist rebels?” asked another veteran comrade. “Not just that this is the same old thing, but that we can finally win if we mobilize the masses for communism.”
Just think what would happened if tens of thousands of Boeing workers—like the black, latino/a, asian and white workers who debated this past week—emptied the plants with this strategy in mind. Now there’s a practical solution.



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