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 South African comrade calls for more communist action. (Audio in Xhosa):

Greetings comrades my Name is Qhamani from Kwa- Noxolo I have been going to the meetings a couple of time now. Comrades have explained communism and they having been explaining, but the impression I got from those discussions, we would always talk and discuss on the meetings because every time I went to a meeting there would be always a new member that the comrades will explain communism. To an extent that now, from my perspective I feel like we are just meeting and not doing anything as if we are too comfortable, we have to move to do something.

I am unemployed. I want to work. I am not alone.  So many people are without work, hungry.  What do we do now for the hungry, for the unemployed? Obviously, I am not saying we should let go of the meetings and discussions but we must do something, because not everyone is going to join by attending meetings. Some people want to see a sort of an action, fight the bosses, one that would inspire them to join the movement.

We are fighting for society of equality, end money and get rid of corruption and the society where everybody will have an opportunity to contribute by working. We have to do something now and think of other ways we attract other young people and link discussions that are coupled with action. Because ICWP has been around here in PE for a number of years but it seems like, we have more meetings than action. We must be courageous to do things that will inspire more people to join.

Another thing is we must act up because some people are tired of hearing words, they lose interests when someone speaks, they are more interested in deeds. Because I, myself having been under a political party all we heard from them is words and empty promises they have been talking by not doing anything.  So as ICWP when people see us only “ speaking” about communism the more they think we are like the rest of these parties so we must do something, lets test our limits and say “okay this is how far we can do, but overall I’m trying to  say action, action. A luta.

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