Destroy Racist Legacy of Columbus with Communist Revolution

LOS ANGELES, OCT 19—The parents and teachers of students at a charter school emphasizing Mexican indigenous culture had an activity to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Some comrades went with Red Flag and a communist leaflet about the contribution of indigenous people world wide to humanity and the need to fight for mass communist education and a communist society today. We distributed 100 Red Flags to parents, some students and others, who gladly took both the paper and the leaflet.

The leaflet said in part:

The most important thing to know about Columbus – the “discoverer” of America – is that he brought capitalism to the Americas. Capitalism at this stage needed capital to pay for Europe’s industrialization so the European capitalists could conquer the world.

We need a communist revolution to put an end to capitalism. In a communist world we will work collectively and share the products of our labor according to need. No one will be the boss of anyone. There won’t be any privileges for any one and everyone will do mental and manual work. Communism on a world wide basis will eliminate the need for wars and eventually weapons because we will share the world’s resources – taking only what we need while taking good care of the rest to leave for future generations.

This is the way most indigenous people in the world lived before capitalism’s exploitation and poisonous ideologies invaded them. This is the heritage we should celebrate and be proud of. This is the heritage we should fight to preserve and spread worldwide.

Our ancestors everywhere lived in pre-class communism. Restoring the communist social relations they enjoyed – where everyone was treated with respect and dignity and was cared for – demands the destruction of capitalism-imperialism with a communist revolution.

Communist education must start now. It won’t happen in the capitalists’ schools and universities, which must be destroyed. It will be done through the massive distribution of our communist literature, through reading and writing for our newspaper, Red Flag. It will happen in the study groups of the Party collectives we are building to organize the armed insurrection to put an end to capitalism’s horrors. It will be done in a completely different educational system we will organize in communism.

Humanity’s next stage is scientific communism: rebuilding our ancestors’ communist relations at a higher stage, while using science and technology to create a better world for the masses world wide.

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