Young Comrades March Against Racist Police Murder

Need To Mobilize For Communism

LOS ANGELES (USA)—On February 4, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs murdered Anthony Jacob Weber (AJ), a sixteen-year-old black youth. The murder took place near 107th and Budlong in the Westmont area in South Los Angeles.

The following Saturday, community members took to the streets, marching from the place the crime was committed to the sheriff station. About 200 people demanded an end to murders by the police and sheriffs, ‘justice’ for AJ and a complete investigation. Among them were families affected by police terror, part of AJ’s family, including his father, members of the community and students from a nearby high school who knew AJ personally.

Red Flag was there to present the communist alternative. Nearly 100 copies of Red Flag were distributed. Some of the protesters waved it in protest.

The murder took place a block and a half from a high school in which students receive and read Red Flag. It is these students who are taking leadership in organizing actions to end this system that is killing us. These young people are planning to march from the school to the sheriff station.

In their press conference, the representatives of the sheriffs tried to wash their hands of guilt by declaring that “the sheriff saw that the suspect had a weapon and gave him orders not to move. The suspect turned and fled the area to the patio of the complex.” That is where the shooting happened. They shot into Anthony’s body more than ten times. They found no weapon.

Anthony’s brother described how he himself had been handcuffed and put in the patrol car while his brother was bleeding to death lying on the pavement. “F**k your brother,” the sheriffs told him.

“He had a good soul,” AJ’s elementary school teacher told a comrade and added, “he would never have been capable of taking out a gun and pointing it at any one, much less the police.”

This racist murder represents another new murder that is part and parcel of the capitalist system. It represents violence against those destined to rebel against this capitalist system of oppression.

To this bloody attack against us we have to respond with the reality that we want and need a different world. That world is a communist world without police or sheriffs, borders or nations or racism. We will fight for this communist world.

A communist world in which every human being will be worthy of the best life that he or she can have, a world where we will all collaborate for this collective goal, for the complete wellbeing of everyone. In this way we can all live the fullest lives possible. Join the International Communist Workers’ Party and help create this world in which murders by the police or the sheriffs will cease to exist.

SOUTH L.A. (USA) Feb. 10—Protestors angry at the police murder of AJ Weber take Red Flag


PASADENA (USA), Feb. 16—ICWP comrades join a protest against racist police brutality and murder.

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