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El Salvador:

We Don’t Want Crumbs, but the Whole Loaf and the Bakery Too!

The boss of this garment factory tries to be friendly and appear to be a nice person. In the mornings he greets us.  Today he said that they are trying to get the bank to loan them money to be able to pay the yearly bonus.  A supervisor applauded and celebrated the boss’ great “effort.”
“Every year is the same, at the end of September, the bosses try to make us feel desperate so we’ll quit, so they don’t have to pay our annual bonus or compensation,” said a worker leader while we ate lunch near the industrial zone where ICWP has a presence.  This “bonus” is an extra month’s pay that workers rely on to get through the year.
The bosses in this free-trade zone have again intensified the exploitation that workers suffer.  As a measure of greater harassment they have ordered workers to be at work 5 minutes earlier than usual and leave work 10 minutes later, without any compensation. Those who get to work a few minutes later than the new schedule are prohibited from working for the day, taking away their wage for that day and for the seventh day.
Added to this is constant pressure from the supervisors.  Like every year, these measures are meant to make a number of workers quit so that the bosses won’t have to pay bonuses or severance pay, and then they hire new workers the next year.
The cynicism of the bourgeois pigs has no limit. For the whole year they steal the fruits of our labor power.  For the whole year the workers’ modules that produce more than a thousand pieces daily work to the limit for this disgusting class.  In the end they want us to appreciate and celebrate the “sacrifice” that they make to give us a few crumbs.
The working class is not at fault for the bosses’ badly-managed finances. The bosses’ attacks should fill us with class hatred, with fury.  They should motivate us to struggle, not for a few crumbs at the end of the year, but for a communist revolution that will lead to a decent life for all workers.
The struggle continues within the ranks of the working class. The specter of communism runs through the modules of these factories. The need to join ICWP and continue to build the workers’ communist organization massively is becoming more urgent each day. We must fight for a society in which those of us who produce organize the way we will do that, for the benefit of all of humanity.


Young Palestinian Women and Men Rebel

October 14—Thousands of young Palestinian women and men are rebelling against the racist Israeli government troops and settlers.  These butchers have killed dozens of Palestinians since October 3, many of them children.  Thousands more have been injured.  Israeli soldiers report receiving permission to open live fire on any “suspicious” Palestinian. 
Palestinian workers and youth are organizing themselves locally to fight back against constant Israeli settler attacks.  They refuse to accept the prison-like conditions in the small enclaves left to them. 
According to one observer, many are not sure what to target first:  “the larger occupation, the individual miseries they endure from the settlers and army, or the Palestinian leaders.”  They need to target capitalism and mobilize for communism! 
Red Flag readers must get ICWP literature (in Arabic) into the hands of Palestinian youth and workers.   We must get it (in Hebrew) into the hands of Israeli soldiers and youth too.


South Africa:

Building ICWP Among Masses in Motion

SOUTH AFRICA, October 14—Revolutionary greetings, comrades!!! Mobilizing the masses for communism becomes key if we look at all the protests that have taken place, and will continue to take place, in the length and breadth of this country.
All the protest marches have been organized to mobilize the masses for the reform of capitalism. Capitalism cannot be reformed to meet the needs of the masses. It must be destroyed by a communist revolution.
Recently we’ve seen students taking to the streets in violent protests for the removal of colonial statues in their universities. They see these statues as symbols that perpetuate colonial and racist domination. Authorities in these institutions responded swiftly by removing the statues, but colonialism and racism still reign supreme.
Statistics have been thrown around recording the highest incidence of violent protest marches by communities against the lack of service delivery. Workers, not to be out done, took their fight against the bosses to the streets.
On October 6, the trade union federation, COSATU, took workers to the streets in protest against practices which increasingly make jobs less secure:  labor brokers, casualization,  e-tolling, retrenching, job losses, etc. As we go to press, the independent National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) and allied organizations in the United Front, have called yet another march against corruption in both private and public sectors, in the state institutions, et cetera.
In the meantime, striking workers in the coal mines have rejected the revised new offer tabled by the employers and vowed to continue with the strike action until all their demands are met. This is taking place in Mpumalanga, in the coal mines operated by capitalist bosses Exxaro, Glencore, and Anglo Coalmines.
 ICWP has brought communist ideas and our newspaper Red Flag to some of these reformist actions.
As the ICWP Dialectical Materialism video says, reform struggle is like playing soccer with a golf ball or playing golf with a soccer ball. No amount of pressure can make the capitalist bosses change. Instead, they will come back with venomous power as we have seen in China and Russia, 
Masses in motion, all the protest action we have seen and will continue to see, show that there exist opportunities for us to build a working class party for the masses. It also creates opportunities for us to expose the reformist line that all these governments and parties use to deceive the working class. Our party, ICWP, with the correct revolutionary line of mobilizing the masses for communism, and with the correct revolutionary theory of spreading communist ideas, will grip the masses. When revolutionary theory is gripped by the masses, it becomes a conquering force to overcome the bosses’ system of capitalism with all their states, money, tyrants, and empires.
Join ICWP in fighting to bring about revolutionary change, in mobilizing the masses for communism amongst the industrial workers, soldiers, students, women and youth!!!


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