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Mexico: Seizing radio stations, blocking entrances to banks, burning the city hall and the government palace in Chilpancingo, students and teachers protested militantly and massively.
We invite them and the whole international working class to join us in building a revolutionary communist movement that burns down all of capitalism so that on its ashes we can build a communist world.

We Want the Students Alive and Capitalism Dead!

CHILPANCINGO, GUERRERO, Oct. 15—"They took them away alive and that's how we want them back!" shout the parents and relatives of the 46 students arrested and now disappeared in Guerrero, Mexico.
So far, they have found 28 charred bodies. However, they have not yet even made any statements indicating that they belong to the missing students. This has not been an isolated attack. In 2011 two students were killed in the same place.
Similar events have occurred in other states. In 2003 students mobilized against the closure of the Rural Normal School in Chiapas; in 2008 at the Rural Normal School of Mexe, Hidalgo; in 2012 students from 8 rural schools in Michoacán, as well as in Oaxaca and Aguascalientes were repressed and beaten.
The State Attorney General, and Mexican President Peña Nieto, like previous repressive rulers, repeat with crocodile tears, "We will not rest until we have punished and imprisoned all those who have any responsibility for these events."
But we know that capitalism, and its repressive State apparatus—its army, police, bureaucracy, and its sexist, racist, and nationalist ideology—is really responsible for these murderous acts.
In Mexico the students from the rural areas and the urban poor migrate to where they can receive an education. They believe that more academic preparation will improve their quality of life. This is an illusion.
These rural teaching colleges were founded by the Mexican bourgeoisie after taking state power from the land-owning oligarchy in the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1921. The normal schools would train teachers for the rural schools who in turn would train community leaders, who must learn agricultural techniques, skills, finish their curricular plan, be trained in self discipline, self government and democracy.
All of this was to advance the industrialization of Mexico and guarantee ideological control by the Mexican industrialists over the farmworkers.
Their poverty and the influence of the worldwide communist movement led these students to show solidarity and become involved in the class struggle. They were convinced that social change was possible. In 1935 they formed the Socialist Student Farmworkers in Mexico.
However, after 1940 the modernization policy of education was developed, which tried to purge the teachers and students who they called "Communists." In the 1970's, persecution was unleashed against the political leaders in these schools, who they linked with guerrilla movements like that of Lucio Cabañas in Guerrero. In 1960 there were 29 normal schools in Mexico. Today there are 14. 
As in the past, the capitalist bosses fear that the masses of workers will become politically conscious and organized. The Normal school students who have been killed and disappeared today and the workers taking part in the mobilizations against this, as well as other workers demonstrating solidarity worldwide, are showing that the masses are in motion. The only solution that the working class has to stop these massacres of our class brothers and sisters, not only in Mexico, but in any part of the world, is to organize in the International Communist Workers' Party.
We must learn from the mistakes of the old communist movement which believed in change through stages, thinking that socialism would prepare the workers for Communism. The Normal schools with socialist training fought for social change and defended public education. However the great lesson tof the Russian and Chinese revolutions is that we workers should not fight for change through stages. This only makes the capitalists stronger. The slogan of ICWP is to fight directly for Communism. Local or national struggles, struggles for reforms, for democracy, for public capitalist education will not solve the problem. We need to fight for revolution, not reforms.
The international working class and ICWP today show our solidarity and outrage against the capitalist bosses' attacks on our class. In Communist society there won't be people who defend the interests of a small group; there won't be police or bosses. Education will take place from the mother's womb to old age. Theory and practice will be combined, fundamental to develop the capacities of our class, from the fields to the cities and from the cities to the fields. There won't be titles. We will all be responsible to build a society in which each one will receive according to their need and contribute according to their capacities and commitment.
Today we know that this can be a reality and, in fact, we workers shouldn't rest until the real culprits for these crimes are punished here or in anywhere in the world. Today more than ever we must fight for an International Communist revolution. Workers, students, farmworkers, soldiers, let's unite for Communist Revolution!


Garment Workers Answer Repression With Communist Struggle

EL SALVADOR, Oct. 10—"The bosses fear Communism and workers organizing," said our leaflet, and that is how it was. Carrying out our commitment to take communist ideas to the workers in a more consistent way, we went again to the factories on the outskirts of the capital. This time the leaflet was stronger, more militant and more communist.
We wrote a new leaflet with facts, situations and the bosses' plans. Our goal was to distribute 1000 leaflets; we passed out more than 800 and 50 Red Flag newspapers. It was a leaflet against the capitalist mode of production, mistreatment by the supervisors and the plans that the bosses and the union scum agreed to. Our previous leaflet caught the attention of many workers who saw themselves reflected in it. This leaflet showed the reality that few dare to say. We showed the workers that the only way to put an end to the evils of the system is to fight for communism.
We mobilized to distribute our literature to all the outgoing shifts. Each group that left received our leaflet and Red Flag. In the surrounding areas, we could see the masses of workers again reading our leaflet attentively. The facts, information, and the call for a political strike against capitalism caught the attention of the majority. This is not just any movement.
We carried out the action in a secure way. All of those who distributed the leaflet had the protection of other comrades deployed in the area.
On reading the leaflet and seeing the large number of workers reading it, a servant of the bosses quickly  informed the bosses inside the factory about our leaflet. In the third shift of workers, we noticed the presence of a man who, even from far away, clearly wasn't a worker or a supervisor. The comrades who work in these factories confirmed afterwards that, indeed, he was not a worker or a supervisor. He was the son of the owner of the whole plant.
He took a leaflet and started to read it. We watched him and saw fear and surprise in his face after he read each paragraph. Like a dog, he began to walk out of the factory and stand near our comrades. Those in charge of the security of the action told those who were distributing outside the factory to move across the street, away from the many street vendors and private security that respond to these scum.
We continued our work. We didn't miss one shift of workers, since they all cross the street to take the bus. Meanwhile, everybody was staring at the scummy boss. Seeing our comrades come together and show an aggressive attitude against him, he looked surprised and returned to where his watchdogs were.  We fanned out on the whole sidewalk to continue our work. A few minutes later, a police patrol car came to the area, which is very common in this area.  However, the scum went to where they were. At this moment, the servile vendors got together and a comrade noticed that the scum showed the flier to the police.
The comrades who were distributing the literature went into the market in the area and disappeared in the crowd. They later went to the agreed-upon meeting point, and met up with the comrades in charge of security. Being a communist is illegal in capitalism. We can't trust the bosses' laws and their pigs.
The next day, things were really buzzing inside the plant. Supervisors were running from one side to the other. There were meetings of the bosses and their servants.
"If you want, you can stay to work later, and I can speak to you if you want," ironicallysaid the supervisor mentioned in the leaflet for her constant mistreatment. But she could not contain her fury and continued referring to the organized workers as "these s.o.b.'s." Men and women workers were elated, happy and at the same time fearful of the bosses' reaction. "Today they got it where it hurts them the most," pointed out a comrade organized in the International Communist Workers' Party.
The reaction of some workers is logical. "It is something very different from the unions," said a worker leader incisively. Many workers could not contain their satisfaction on seeing the sellout union leaders and the capitalist bosses exposed.
The revolutionary struggle is full of episodes of struggle, action, reaction and we must be prepared in whatever part of the world to attack and counterattack the capitalists and their servants. As a worker leader concluded, "To more repression, we answer with more struggle."


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