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Red Flag Unites the Masses

EL SALVADOR—“Some workers active in unions think that we are dividing the workers by the organizing work that the comrades who work in the maquillas are carrying out with the ideas of Red Flag. But for us it is clear that we must fight for a communist system,” said a comrade in a recent meeting.
The men and women comrades of the International Communist Workers’ Party in the maquillas expressed that the bosses and some union leaders are informing their members and the rest of the workers that the work of Red Flag is dividing them.
But the truth is the opposite. ICWP through Red Flag is struggling to unify ALL the workers, not only from this factory, but throughout the whole world, to build a communist society without bosses or the bosses’ lackeys. What many are seeing is the division between the workers fighting for communist ideas and those who want to rule over us with capitalist ideas.
The bosses fear  our goal of a world without borders. They fear that all the workers of the world will unite as class brothers and sisters  to destroy this system of wage slavery.
Unionism and its ideology are based on the laws of capitalism. These laws allow the unions to negotiate the level of the exploitation of the working class—not to end it. At the same time these unions become the henchmen to guarantee the bosses’ profits and that the worker doesn’t rebel. There are laws that allow strikes but when these strikes are radicalized, the judges declare them illegal; so it is a dirty game of those who apply the law becoming defenders of the system. Our goal is not to negotiate with the boss—this extends our slavery more.
ICWP struggles to destroy the chains of wage slavery. No union does this, or has done this, no matter how militant or honest it has been.
Another bosses’ lie, spread by their lackeys, is insisting that the workers do not know about communism. In effect, they are saying: “You don’t know which end is up.”
The response of a comrade was very emphatic when he said, “Yes, we know what we are doing, we are not ignorant and we recognize who is our enemy.” He added, “We are overcoming obstacles; we are strong; we are not standing on sand, but on rock; we will continue fighting for communism and we will not be diverted.”
The workers know that a world without chains is possible. We fight for a world in which we will all work to meet our own needs of a roof over our heads, food, health care, and fun. A world in which we will no longer be slaves. In a communist world, the bosses and their money will be in the dustbin of history.
“Let the bosses believe that we are not, we must continue building the communist organization in the factory,” said a comrade. A worker who attended for the second time said, “I am going to meet with my partner and we will report about how things are in the place where we work.”
Every effort that the comrades make brings us closer to communism. This is a clear example of commitment in the factories.
The agreements the comrades made included to continue with the leafleting and distribution of Red Flag, and that the workers should know that our party fights to unify the men and women workers to fight the wage slavery of capitalism and to build a communist society.


The Struggle for Communism is Now

LOS ANGELES—“My Red Flag,” said a garment worker, when he was leaving the factory after a day of exploitation, together with hundreds more men and women garment workers. “I am proud of you,” he continued, as he took his newspaper.
In this factory, more than 200 workers regularly receive Red Flag, which represents the great majority of those who work here. There are many young workers who read the newspaper in English, and also a group of Asian worker readers.
The mass response to the paper is very positive. Many on taking the paper say things like, “Onward, for the working class,” “the workers’ newspaper,” “let’s begin the struggle.” Even though they don’t yet mention the words communism or revolution in their comments, they know that Red Flag is an international communist paper.
Our struggle with the worker mentioned at the beginning  was that he should participate in meetings of the International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP) to organize groups of men and women workers in the factory.
“I am organizing a group of workers inside the factory and soon I will introduce you to them,” he said very enthusiastically. This worker has many experiences in past struggles in his birth place and potentially he could provide the organizational spark in this factory.
The more than 800 men and women workers in this and other garment factories who receive Red Flag regularly must take the step to join communist ICWP study groups and help in the struggle against wage slavery and for a world in which exploitation and bosses’ profits don’t exist.
The struggle for communism is not something for the future, it’s now. We are tired of living as wage slaves, tired of the borders, racism and imperialist wars. The vision of a world where each member of society contributes according to their commitment and each receives according to their needs should give us the strength and confidence to struggle for this goal.
The workers in the garment factories can give leadership to thousands and millions of workers in Los Angeles and worldwide in the struggle for communism. Many of them have families and friends in many other countries and can help to send the paper to their contacts in those countries.
Next year, the May Day March on May 1st falls on a Sunday, and we are organizing to march with the red flags of communism held high. Garment workers should help to invite their co-workers, friends and relatives to participate in the march together with the ICWP contingent, and there we will shout together, “Here is my red flag and my struggle for communism!”

Dutch Protest Against Racist Murder

Demonstrators in the Schilderswijk district of The Hague, Netherlands, confront police in a protest against the police murder of Mitch Henríquez, a tourist from the Dutch Caribbean colony of Aruba. Two hundred people were arrested in the fourth night of demonstrations in this neighborhood of first- and second-generation immigrants, mostly-Muslims, which has been at the center of protests over racist police brutality in the Netherlands. Attacks on immigrants and Muslims are the cutting edge of growing fascism in Europe. These workers, armed with communist ideas, can play a leading role in mobilizing the European masses for revolution.

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