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To End Racist Police Terror, Mobilize the Masses for Communism

US—Thousands of youth and workers – black, Latino, Arab, white, Asian—have poured into the streets in mass protests against the most recent racist police killings of black men.
In Charlotte, North Carolina, they mobilized against the police murder of Keith Scott, whose wife told them he had a traumatic brain injury.
In El Cajon, California, they denounced the police slaughter of Alfred Olango. In Pasadena, California, they condemned the lynching of J.R. Thomas, who had been tasered and physically attacked by the Klan in blue.
In South Los Angeles, their rage again boiled into the streets after the cops shot 18-year-old Carnell Snell 5 times in the back, killing him as he ran to his house.
The fight against racism is international. In India millions have taken to the streets against racist attacks on Dalit and Muslim workers. In South Africa, masses of students and workers are protesting racist attacks by the African National Congress government.
These millions can be won to see that only communist revolution can end racism.  They always welcome our communist literature: Red Flag and our pamphlet To End Racism Mobilize The Masses For Communism. They can be won to join ICWP and the fight for communism.

Racism is a capitalist attack on all workers
The bosses’ police especially single out black and Latino workers to terrorize all workers to keep us all exploited and oppressed.
 However, last year, like they always so, the US cops executed 1,502 people. 732 were white. 381 were black and 389 were Latino, Native American and others. However, since whites are the biggest percentage of the population, at least four times more black, latino and native American workers per capita are killed than white workers.
“Wow! I can’t believe it!” said a black worker to a Red Flag distributor when told that more white people are murdered by the police than black or latin people.
 This oppression is the material basis for our unity. United and mobilized for communism we will bury racism together with capitalism.
Someone told us, “You’ll never get rid of racism,” but they took the pamphlet to read. This skepticism is based on the persistence of racism in spite of the mass, heroic struggles millions of workers have waged for hundreds of years.
That’s because the material basis for racism, capitalism’s wage slavery, was never eliminated. Lower wages paid to the racially oppressed workers means super profits for the capitalists. Racism is crucially used to divide us, keeping us from uniting to destroy them and their system with a communist revolution.

Communism will allow us to finally get rid of racism
By getting rid of money, profits, and the market where our labor is bought and sold, communism will eliminate the material basis of racism. We will no longer be wage slaves. We’ll be free workers contributing to society according to our commitment and receiving according to our needs. No more competition for jobs that pit workers against workers.
There will be no police. Cops protect the private property that the bosses have stolen from the value that we workers produce. When they terrorize and kill workers, they are doing what their capitalist masters need. “Better police training” or showing the videos of police murders will not end their terror. Only communism can.
Instead of cops, we will have a united communist working class organized in collectives in every neighborhood to guarantee the security, food, housing and health needs of everyone. When problems arise, these committees will mobilize masses of communist workers to handle them humanely, not through racism, terror and brutality. Everyone will be encouraged to contribute and to lead to their full potential.
Contrary to that, capitalism sees us only as beasts of burden to produce their profits and cannon fodder for their wars (see editorial above). Their dilemma is that on one hand they need police to terrorize us into not rebelling and organizing a communist revolution. On the other, they need masses of youth of all “races” to join the military to patriotically fight US imperialism’s wars.
It is crucial for us to do communist work inside the military. As in Charlotte – when their police can’t control the masses – the capitalists call the National Guard. These soldiers can and must be won to fight on our side.
We CAN and WILL get rid of racism by getting rid of capitalism with mass armed struggle for communism. At work, school and in the barracks, we need to take communist actions against racist terror as we organize study action groups to mobilize for communism. Join ICWP, spread Red Flag and recruit others to make this happen!


El Salvador:

Industrial Workers and Youth Study and Practice Communism

EL SALVADOR—Two young people, the daughters of a worker, asked, “How are we going to live without money?” 
“In communist society we will produce what is needed for all of humanity. There will be adequate healthcare, education, housing, and transportation—all produced by us. We won’t need money,” explained a comrade.
On a radiant sunlit morning, workers and youth organized a political school of the International Communist Workers’ Party. It began with a delicious welcome breakfast and with excited intentions to make the most of this day of communist work.
 “In Red Flag we find articles and research about life without money. We have to read, analyze and understand what is written there to improve the line of the party and our actions,” mentioned another comrade.
We began with the history of ICWP, how it was born and how the party has sustained itself ideologically since its beginning.
The second topic was the international situation, emphasizing the strike of over 180 million workers in India. Third was how to organize more workers into ICWP and carry out the mass distribution of Red Flag.
During the course of the meeting, a comrade said, “The capitalist idea that only I matter and no one else is wrong. We live in a society, in communities, with collective work carried out by the masses.”
It is a qualitative advance that the comrades are losing the fear of expressing themselves and not feeling inferior to others. Instead, they see the party discussions as opportunities for their political growth and that of their co-workers. The meeting stopped for lunch but the discussion did not stop.
At the end of each workshop, a plenary was held where the conclusions were presented. It was incredible how youth and workers mixed together and reported on the discussions they had had in their workshops.
“This school was necessary so that we could understand more about where we come from as a party and where we are going,” said a worker leader. Another said that he appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Red Flag and how to organize inside the factories.
The school concluded with a call from the workers that in the coming days we should print the words of the Communist International so we can sing it. That way workers from other factories will get to know it. We also agreed to continue with these political schools and to pay attention to the work that other Party clubs carry out.
All the workers left feeling very enthusiastic and confident that they can convince other workers to come to the meeting next month. This meeting gave a very important and spirited push to ICWP. It is the masses of men and women industrial workers who will define the future of humanity moving towards a communist world.