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El Salvador:

Farmworkers and Maquila Workers Advance Through a Year of Struggle

EL SALVADOR——“We must take advantage of every situation that presents itself to organize for communism,” said a maquila worker. He and other new men and women workers in the industrial clubs, during this year, have participated in discussions about communism and inter-imperialist rivalry.
The International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP) is ending another year of organizing and struggle to mobilize the masses for Communism—another year organizing among garment workers, farmworkers, and students.
We ended this cycle with two meetings in different parts of the country. One meeting was with the industrial clubs and the other with the farmworkers’ club. The discussions analyzed our achievements and errors in 2016, using criticism and self-criticism.
At the beginning of 2016, Red Flag and ICWP were six years old. This year we began with the organization of May Day. We improved on the organizing of the year before by marching under the banners of our party and distributing our newspaper massively.
The industrial clubs continued meeting consistently throughout the year. The agenda of these meetings allowed us to develop a broader understanding about what is happening around the world and why this is important. Reading every Red Flag editorial together encouraged the members to read the whole paper. However, we did not manage to increase the number of writers. This is one of our new goals.
At the evaluation meeting, workers expressed the need for more leafleting with communist literature outside the factories and to solve the failures in communications between clubs. Improving the lines of communication in relevant moments and fighting in the factories will help us have a better plan of action in response to events.
“We need more youth because they are the ones who will continue this struggle. We will go as far as life allows us,” commented a comrade from the fields in the evaluation meeting of the farmworkers’ club.
The ties between the farmworkers and the maquila workers must be strengthened. The youth from the fields and the city must help with the mass distribution of Red Flag in different industrial zones of the country.
This farmworkers’ club has remained active throughout the year. It is the same collective that has seen the need for better organization. They are carrying out a plan to develop new members politically, like some of the youth who participated for the first time in this meeting.
Before us opens a panorama of tensions and great possibilities to mobilize the masses for Communism. The conflict over the increase in the minimum wage by the associations of businessmen has intensified the class struggle. It is our duty to raise consciousness in the great mass of outraged workers that the wage increase is not something to defend, but instead we need to intensify the struggle against wage slavery. We will talk more about this issue in a future article.
As members of ICWP, we optimistically take on these new challenges on the eve of celebrating seven years since the foundation of our party. We have full confidence in our line, our party, and our Red Flag, and we are convinced that we are on the correct side of history.

dakota pipeline demo



Turning Mass Anger into Revolutionary Enthusiasm

The following report is from IC WP comrades in India where fascist Narendra Modi built a mass racist fascist movement attacking Muslim and Dalit workers. Since he was elected President, fascist attacks have escalated. In response, masses of workers and students are mobilizing to oppose racism and fascism. In the midst of this, ICWP is advancing, teaching all Red Flag readers valuable lessons about mobilizing for communism under fascist conditions.
Our small collective of ICWP members and friends is learning big lessons in the face of fascism and repression.  Our class enemy has organized armed militia to physically attack and terrorize the masses who are getting restless as capitalism offers nothing but a bleak future and violence.
Our strategy to organize the masses for communism is changing the mood of the working class. We are channeling the anger of the working class into revolutionary enthusiasm that we have the power to change this society.
The main way of reaching out to the masses is by distributing the Red Flag in a creative way.  We are using all the means available to spread our newspaper.  Our safety comes from the massive distribution of our literature. We have no illusion that our class enemy will sit peacefully by as we organize.  That makes our task of recruiting and organizing the masses for communism more urgent. 
In recent activities, we were able to distribute about 500 copies of Red Flag in different formats. Also some translated articles were widely received.  It took a lot of planning and collective discussion to accomplish this task. Our success has given us more confidence to do bigger things in the future.

Los Angeles:

International Migrants Day

LOS ANGELES,  USA, Dec. 18 — Thousands marched here on International Migrants Day. They were protesting the racist, anti-immigrant rants and policies of president-elect Donald Trump. Two comrades arrived early with Red Flag. They quickly distributed 200 copies in under 45 minutes, mainly to workers in union-organized contingents. Another comrade arrived with 50 copies. Workers snapped them up. The same happened to the 50 copies brought by a fourth comrade. The last five comrades arrived with 200 more papers. By then it seemed like almost everyone already had a copy. But as we marched along Broadway, workers and youth eagerly took almost every Red Flag we had. We are planning for larger and better-organized contingents during the week of Inauguration Day. March with us! Only communism can defeat fascist capitalism!